Information and tools that are Valuable To Know
Well done pine bonsai

Bonsai TreeS


Information and resources for bonsai artists from beginner to experienced level.

Total Gym for fun exercise

Total Gym Models


There are many Total Gym models now.  Maybe an affordable, older model is just what you need!

Colorful hummingbird enjoyable to see

hummingbirds and butterflies


Make your landscaping inviting for hummingbirds and butterflies. There is such a variety of choices that you can please both them AND you!

Exercise equipment for a home gym

Best home gym equipment


A home gym can be easily affordable. Information to determine which exercise equipment is right for you.

a little about..

Valuable To Know

I love items that improve our health and quality of life! What are these items for me? That is what this website is all about! There are so many things that we can do that can make improvements. I love things like this and especially when they are very affordable… and so many of the things I love and value are!

Improvement for skin health and condition

I love the treatments that spark skin to produce collagen, elastin, etc. These are things that decrease in quantity in our skin as we age. Bringing them back can make it more healthy, but also keep it young looking. The tools are so inexpensive and easy to use and DIY, so that you can use them when you like. They are easy to incorporate into your routine.

This is the subject matter that inspired me to begin a website. Along the way I have done research into makeup and skin care ingredients. I care about both what is good for our skin, but even more about what we should and can avoid.

Making changes to our outdoor landscape that invite hummingbirds, butterflies, quail to visit

Having a yard that brings visits from beautiful, local wildlife brings more joy. These are plants that are attractive and inviting to us as well. There are so many choices that we can find what is most pleasing to both us and the wildlife that we want to see.

Advice and items that can get a start in the art of bonsai for the beginner or even the experienced artist

I am passionate about bonsai trees as well! I love to get people to try it! It is NOT an expensive hobby. These little trees look better and better with time… it is something to jump in and try instead of putting off for ‘someday’. Most people like to look at bonsai trees, but it is a smaller group that actually want to create them.

There are plenty of places to start in bonsai… you can try a forest planting with a landscape, you can work on and tailor a professionally started bonsai tree, or you can create a bonsai all your own design from great plant material. I can help with that start!

Exercise and exercise equipment that can enable you to work out at home

Exercise is SO VALUABLE to our lives! It can improve our health and well being, our confidence, our sleep, our ability to fight off illness and be strong. Our health is priceless! A home gym does not have to be anything expensive… it could be just a platform to do step aerobics, a jump rope. When you are doing exercise that you love… it is easy to stick with it! Our health is WORTH investing in and worth the time to find out what it is we love.

Musical instruments to bring joy to our lives

Here is another thing that can bring joy to people’s lives that too often is put off for ‘someday’. Another thing that does not have to be expensive or intimidating.

Gift ideas to help in those gift giving situations

I am someone who appreciates lists of gift ideas to help in getting that great gift for someone on special occasions. This is something that I can help others out with as well. I have had some really great ideas to help in many categories that come from both experience and research. I have great ideas for babies and small children, a house warming, our moms, people with special interests, and folks both comfortable and not so great with technology items that they would appreciate.

Ideas for things that help us all to live well with our cat or dog

This started from my desire to get food that was affordable and great quality to keep my dogs and cats in good health. I knew that corn was a concern. Researching why this was a problem taught me about the problem, but with time I understood that it was more complicated than I first realized. Also there are issues with the sources of pet food… too many are harmed by bad food.

There are many handy things that make life with our pets easier and keep us prepared for dealing with and preventing little catastrophes. Trimming claws is important to do properly, and can be very challenging when done late. It is a good idea to know how best to do this and what to have on hand in case of mishap. The right gear can make traveling with your pet easy and enjoyable for safe road trips together.

Valuable help to be more safe

There are things that can be helpful to our teeth and eyes that can give choices that you may not know… Information about what to do in a crisis situation, and what to know and have available to prevent the crisis. Help to afford vital and expensive medicine is so important… too many vital ones that keep people alive are becoming far too expensive to afford.

How about home security to live more safely? I am someone who wants to control my information and privacy. I am interested in equipment that does not require paying a monthly fee to a security service. Would it be handy to be able to see who is at your door and unlock or lock it through a tool on your smart phone? Maybe there are things you could be doing better with your home security. My research turned up all kinds of simple and clever ideas.


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