Save yourself and others

Be informed and prepared for safety

Emergency situations

I am someone who really appreciates teaching things about being safe, recovering in a very bad situation, being ready to save yourself and others in a crisis situation. Safety is something to learn about before you need it.

If you live anyplace where you may be a victim of hurricane, tornado, ice storm, anything that takes out your power. You should keep an emergency supply of food and water. There are companies that sell kits for this that last for many years. They are kind of like military food rations and ready to fix.

Knocked Out Tooth

See your dentist within 30 minutes of the injury. You can still recover the tooth if you treat it well, even if it has been an hour or more outside of your mouth.

Gently rinse the tooth off with water – DO NOT USE SOAP OR CHEMICALS and DO NOT SCRUB!

Do not dry the tooth or wrap in a tissue or cloth that wicks moisture away from it.

If possible re-position it in the proper orientation in the socket immediately. The sooner you can get the tooth back where it belongs, the better it’s chance of survival. Keep it in place by holding it in place or by closing your mouth so your bite hold it in.

If you cannot put it back in place, you can put it in milk, or in the mouth next to the cheek. Tap water is detrimental to the tooth and is only a last resort.


Inflatable Wrist Device

I love this device! If you get into trouble, just push the button and it will take you to the surface of the water! It doesn’t matter if you have been tumbling around in surf or rough currents, you get to the surface even when you can no longer tell which way is up! Invaluable when you need it. If it is on a child you have to put the time into explaining how to use it and make sure that they know it. Bring it up often until it is well planted in their mind and is instinct if they need it!

There is a new device like this that is a collar design, but I don’t think that would be a comfortable or inviting one. I see a small child easily keeping a bracelet as apposed to a annoying collar design. They are the ones who need something like this the most. Even surfers can more easily use this design.

How to Use Your Pants for a Floatation Device

If you find yourself in a situation where you are going to be in water a long time or you just need help to stay afloat, this could be a life saver. It is a simple and handy trick to know.


Affordable Alternative to the Epipen

Here is the affordable alternative to the Epipen (now priced way too high to be even moral). CVS is offering it at a nice discount. Here is a video about it…this article about it from USA Today…


Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

If you have never had CPR training, please learn it. These videos will be helpful to knowing what to do.



I love this campaign! What is 100 bpm for CPR? “Staying Alive” will help you to remember and do it properly! Great memory trick. This rate applies for chest compression only and for CPR. For CPR it is 30 compressions and 2 breaths in the cycle.


Here are some other songs with 100 bpm you can use…

If you want a 100 bpm song that is an alternative to “Staying Alive”, there are other choices. Here are others: The Beatles song “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”, the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Sweet Home Alabama”, Simon & Garfunkel song “Cecilia”, The Black Crows song “Hard to Handle”, Justin Timberlake song “Rock Your Body, The Bangles song “Walk Like an Egyptian”, Backstreet Boys song “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)”, Cyndi Lauper song “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, Otis Redding song “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay”, Train song “Hey,Soul Sister”. Pick one that you like and commit that choice to memory for when you may need it. Feel free to research a song that you like better. Please just plan ahead and be ready.


Knowing the Heimlich maneuver can save someone’s life when they are choking. If you know how to do it properly, you can do it to yourself with the back od a chair if you are alone and act quickly. This is a lifesaving technique that can also be used on your dog, but you have to know how to do that version too.



His dog Jessie is a very sweet and patient helper in this instruction…

This is a tool that is an option too. These instruction videos advise against the Heimlich maneuver for babies… it is also a very tough option for a pregnant woman (the modification pushes the chest instead). Unfortunately, babies up to 4 are prone to swallowing things that they shouldn’t and end up in emergency rooms. Maybe this can be a valuable help.
The device provides suction to help in removing an item blocking the airway. It comes with three masks – one for children, one for adults, and one to experiment with. The masks are reusable. This should not be used on children under 22 pounds.

Self Defense

There are many approaches to self defense…

Pepper spray

It is easy to have this protection device with you and it works not only on a human attacker, but also something like a bear. Why not have it with you? This one is a best seller and the brand used by police. It has additional agents to make it stronger than the usual pepper spray and UV marking dye as well.

Break Free from their grip and run. These are from front and behind



3 strikes and flee video face to face



Escape when the attacker is on top of you on the ground

These all use similar approaches but are slightly different, good to know all of them…
I feel all 3 of these are important and good to learn in this order. They are similar in approach, so that you can take action in whichever circumstance you face.



Here is the next step to know after these 2.


How to Escape From Zip Ties or Duct Tape Bindings


Be able to escape from a car trunk

Be able to escape from a trunk

How to Escape from the Trunk of a Car

This article from is probably something none of us will need, but it is really worth reading up on this. Old and new cars are covered and many types of designs. The information is really well covered.

As a child, my sister and I were locked in the trunk of a car by a friend of my brother. I don’t know if it was a prank or what (and don’t care). We broke the back seat loose and came out through the back of the car just as my dad was yelling at my brother and him about it. That was an old car design back in the 1970s that would be easier to get free from than modern cars. A larger person can toss you into a trunk and slam the door closed faster than you may realize.



Car Accidents

These are the things that I feel are very important to have to be ready in an accident.

Hands at 8 and 4 on the steering wheel for modern cars

Many instructors still teach the old 10 and 2 position. Follow it if that is what you need to pass your tests for that instructor. That is only the position to use for old cars that did not have air bags in the steering wheel.

Modern cars with air bags will break your arms if you have them in this position when they deploy! They deploy faster than your eyes can even see! These have to be filmed with high speed equipment to evaluate the response accurately. Make it a habit to use this steering wheel position in your modern car. You may notice that the steering design is set up to encourage this hold position, it is subtle.

Escape from your car after an accident – the proper tool

I feel everyone should have one of these in the center console. They are outstanding tools! If you have an accident where your car is on fire or you are sinking in water, your electricity will probably fail. Without electricity, modern cars may not open doors or windows. In this situation you need to be able to break a window to escape and you want that to be fast.

This tool will break any window THAT IS NOT THE WINDSHIELD. If you don’t have a tool like this, a center punch will work well. This tool includes a seat belt cutting feature and an air bag break feature on it! If you are trapped by an air bag your arm can still probably reach the center console.

Escape from your car after an accident – the reason you need it

If you are sinking in water and you did not escape before water surrounds you. You will not be strong enough to open the door because the force of the water on the door will be very large. Without a tool like this, you will have to wait for water to fill the car to an equal level to be able to open that door.

The reason for this is once the car fills with water, the pressure outside and inside will become equal and allow you to open your door. That is a situation that makes it incredibly difficult to get any children out, they will be at an extreme disadvantage in this situation. Please just keep this tool in your car. This pack of 2 costs the same as the single package ones…give the other to someone you love.


Know what a poisonous snake looks like

The poisonous snake will have a triangular head when viewed from above. It has large cheek areas for the venom sacs. A constrictor snake has a rounded nose and a long narrow head. Of course, do your best to stay clear of a venomous snake bite lunge range. Be alert and use common sense. If you know you are in an area that venomous snakes are a possibility to encounter, wear something heavy material like denim pants that are loose around the lower leg. This is an important buffer against the snake bite. It is even better to have high heavy boots, or chaps over your legs.

Constrictor bite

If you are bitten by a constrictor snake, there is no concern with venom, but with the teeth themselves. A constrictor snake has teeth that curve inward. If you just yank the snake off, you can increase the amount of damage from those teeth. To free yourself of a constrictor snake you must push into their mouth to free yourself of those teeth. The easiest method is to find something strong and flat and push it between the teeth and you until you are free. You may come away with a tooth still in your body. Do not let the snake get a good hold for squeezing your body. They can do crushing damage.

Venomous snake bite

If you are bitten by a venomous snake. Try to find help as fast as possible, but also try to remain calm and keep that bite location below your heart. Remain still if you can. Remove jewelry or close fitting cloths in that area before swelling prevents you from being able to do so. You do not want to accelerate the spread of the venom. If you have a pen or marker, write the time of the bite on your arm. As swelling or discoloration happens, mark the border and the time. This can help others to evaluate your situation and determine an anti-venom to use. If you are with someone, make sure to describe the snake to them as best you can. Make sure they remember the important details correctly.

Don’t take aspirin because it is a blood thinner and works in a similar way to the venom. Alcohol may seem like a pain killer help, but it suppresses the same body functions that the venom does, and can add to the crisis. Caffeine consumption can make it spread faster because it increases heart rate. It is best to get anti-venom within 4 hours, but it is still good to have it within 24 hours. Don’t try to open the area and suck out the venom. This does not help and just adds to the damage and trauma.
Venomous snake heads Venomous snake heads
Bottom right is a non-expanded Cobra
The shape of the snake head sometimes fools me, when in doubt, assume poisonous.

Venomous spiders

Now I live in an area well populated by widow spiders. I have learned that there are 3 types and we have all 3. There are black widows, red widows, and brown widows. I find them very easy to live with, happily. They prefer to run away when there are encounters. If you spray to kill them and their eggs, they will stay away with time.

How to identify them

The best way to recognize them is their distinctive body shape. Colors and patterns will vary, and you cannot depend on seeing that hourglass marking on their underside. That side will most likely be out of view. I have also seen that many, many of them have a broken up hourglass marking that is not easily seen anyway.

Brown widows like buildings

Widow spiders have white ball shaped egg cases that hold thousands of babies. Black and red widow egg cases are smooth. The brown widows have spiny looking ones that are very unique and you will know for sure that is the type of widow you are dealing with if you see those. Brown widows are the dominant spider. When they move in, the other are gone. The brown widows prefer to live in man-made structures, while the others prefer their natural habitat more.
Brown widow spider in this picture
There is a lot of variation in widow spider color patterns – recognize the shape.

Brown recluse spider

The brown recluse spider is the truly dangerous, deadly one here in the United States. These are sand to brown color, it’s legs are a lighter and uniform color. They have a violin-like marking on the thorax, appear hairless (very short hair), and have 6 eyes instead of the normal 8. If you live within their range, please take precautions. Do not put your hands anywhere that you cannot see well. They like to hide under things…logs in wood piles are a prime location for them. Any spider may bite in the situation where your hand comes at them.
Brown Recluse Spider Brown Recluse Spider
Brown recluse important section Brown recluse important section
This section shows that violin colored pattern and the location of the 3 pairs of eyes. Please don’t get close to identify a suspect spider… assume the worst and don’t get bitten.

Spider bite

Any spider bite will take a long time to run it’s course and heal. The brown recluse can cause severe tissue death. If you are bitten by a brown recluse spider, get to the doctor quickly. In most cases, they will provide treatment to minimize the trauma and spread of the venom. Like a bee sting, the widow spider bite is not a real concern unless you are allergic to the venom.

Bull’s Eye Rash

Take this symptom seriously! There are 2 important causes for this red spot surrounded by red rings. One is Lyme disease from a tick bite. Ticks that infects you may be too small to see. The other possibility common to this symptom is a spider bite. Please seek help quickly! With Lyme disease, time is not your friend. This kind of infection is a very difficult thing to live with…Lyme disease may cause a fever, headache, and fatigue.

The other possible cause…

I had this kind of mark from a spider bite, but it was started with tingling and then numbness first and took quite some time to look like this…even continuing to get more red rings with time. The spider bite can take months to heal. Lyme disease has a small window where it can be treated properly, then there is not much to be done for it.

Heart Attack

Heart attack symptoms can be different in women than men. The symptoms can be very subtle in both groups.

Heart Attack Symptoms


Heart Attack Symptoms for Women



Spot a Stroke FAST – Stroke Warning Signs and Symptoms.
F – Face drooping
A – Arm weakness
S – Speech difficulty
T – Time that the symptoms first started (Doctors need this information)
Beyond F.A.S.T. – Other Symptoms You Should Know: Sudden NUMBNESS or weakness, Sudden CONFUSION, trouble speaking or understanding speech, Sudden TROUBLE SEEING, Sudden TROUBLE WALKING, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination, Sudden SEVERE HEADACHE, If someone shows any of these symptoms, call 9-1-1 or emergency medical services.

Circulation problems

My husband got me this as a gift and I love it! It is an item that all of us use now and then. I have a very low heart rate and blood pressure, so my circulation is very slow. Someone like my mother-in-law who is not very active, also has circulation issues. This is the simplest and least expensive design in these as well as the one I am using and love. I also exercise to improve my circulation, of course. Hospitals use massagers like this for people who are in bed for more time to keep their circulation healthy. I very strongly believe in the benefits of these!

Power line down (live wires)

When there is power line danger assume the wires are live and stay safe.
Stay 35 feet away from the live wires.
Do not drive over downed power lines.
If you are in a car accident that involves downed power lines, stay in your car and call for help (avoid touching the metal). Do not get out until the power is turned off.
If you are forced to get out of your car – avoid making a path for the electricity through yourself. Jump away from your car and land both feet on the ground at the same time. Shuffle walk so that you keep both feet on the ground

until you are at least 35 feet away.


Secondary drowning

Secondary drowning is caused by any incident when water or fluid gets into your lungs. This fluid can trigger muscles in the airway to spasm and cause breathing to become difficult. It can occur after you have left the water at a later time. This can become a crisis situation suddenly and progress fast.

Secondary drowning is a rare type of drowning, and not well known. It is more likely to happen to children, who are playing or behaving in ways that can cause them to accidentally ingest water while swimming. I have seen information that said this is something that can occur as long as 24 hours after the water ingestion event!

Secondary drowning symptoms

Painful when inhaling
Trouble breathing or difficulty in breathing that leads to fast and heavy breathing
Lethargic are fatigued
Change in behavior

If you suspect secondary drowning, get emergency help immediately. Try to keep the person calm. This can help reduce the spasms (called laryngospasms) in this case. The sooner you can get help for this, the better the outcome. That is why it is important to be aware of this condition and recognize the symptoms quickly.