Total Gym Accessory Tools and Resources

Total Gym accessory items

Total Gym accessory items



Increase the exercises that are possible by adding some more resources. Maybe you want to utilize Pilates possibilities, attachments, and have more workouts to enjoy.

Pilates Accessories

The Pilates Accessory Kit for Total Gym

Pilates foot platform (toe bar)
Leg Pulley Rope Assembly
Extention Strap
Quick Link (more secure than a d-ring)
2 Adjustable Ankle Cuffs

Pilates Toe bar by itself

This is the ab crunch attachment

Press up bar attachment

Weight bar attachment

For use with models: 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000, 300XL, XL, XLS, Electra, FIT models, Apex. The older models like the Achiever, 1100, 1500 would need to have the holes added for this weight bar attachment. Also the Supreme doesn’t have the necessary holes. The weight limit for the bar is simply limited by what the combination of your weight plus the added weight. It has to be within the limit of the machine load.

Weight Bar Clips To Hold The Weights On The Bar And Quick Set Up

TG Exercise Chart

TG exercise videos…

Pilates videos

This is the Pilates video by Simon and Martine Scott It is basic video that comes with the Pilates Accessory Kit. It is a VHS video.

Total Gym Pilates DVD with Simon and Martine Scott
This one is set up with 8 blocks of exercises that are 7 to 10 minutes each. There are 3 to 5 different stretches in each block. They give good instructions for form and breathing breathing technique for the exercises.

Intermediate level workout video

TG Intermediate Workout DVD Increase Intensity Challenge Strength
This is an intermediate level exercise video by Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, Personal Trainer and Performance Coach, who gives performance-enhancement to dozens of professional athletes. He explains each exercise.

Total body workout

TG Body Makeover video by Dan Isaacson
This is a Hollywood celebrity fitness trainer who created this program for the Los Angeles Fire Department, so the firefighters could get an effective all-around workout on the Total Gym. It is a 55min workout that is good for men and women because you set it to the incline level that is right for you. Each exercise is well explained and demonstrated.

Set of 3 that includes beginner, intermediate, and moderate to advanced workout

Total Gym 3 DVD Progression Series
The first disc is for beginners, the second increases the difficulty level, and the third is for moderate to advanced.

Total Gym 3 DVD set that contain 5 workout programs:

Start It Up! Your Personal Training Guide (55 min)
6-8 Minute Workout (94 min)
Smart Training Workout (30 min)
Pilates for Total Gym* (62 min)
Dan Isaacson’s Body Makeover (50 min)

There are THREE discs in this set that includes a 5 day advanced program, an intermediate program, and a beginner program. This is a great set to have.

Other affordable and valuable home exercise equipment.

I invite you to go there too! There is cheap alternative home equipment for various types of Total Gym exercises and more. These are the exercise equipment items that are affordable and give the best results. I also tell about equipment that is not worth getting or may not be as well suited as it seems.



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