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Bonsai in nature


I have been a bonsai enthusiast for many years now. My preference is for tropical plant material, but I love a wide variety of bonsai material. Vines make great bonsai trees. They are hardy, flexible, and fast growing…a great combination. There are many flowering vine choices as well. Bonsai plant material choices can be outdoor material and indoor material. I am limited on the number of tropical bonsai trees I have by how much space I have inside for them during winter.

You can plant your bonsai plants into the ground in the pot. This makes them easier to care for, contain, and can also be an option for outdoor plants during wintertime. If you have an outdoor material plant that is not hardy enough for the cold weather of your grow zone, you can keep them in a cold frame or in a garage with windows. This bonsai article will give you a feel for how much bonsai tools, resources, and well established professionally started trees cost. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies

I love having hummingbirds around. They are a joy to watch. These little birds are a colorful marvel of activity and energy. They do well on living with neighboring predator birds as well. Having families of owls and hawks did not bother the hummingbirds that lived nearby at my home. If you have a plentiful supply of the flowers they enjoy, you can experience their visits on a regular basis.

Fruit plants

Fruit plants are great to have in your yard. They are attractive and provide much appreciated fruit. If fruit trees are what you like, you will need to be prepared to perform pesticide spraying and pruning. With berry vines, a trellis is an attractive option. Simply using steaks and fencing framework is also possible. The sap in fruit plants is sweet, so your plants will attract animals and bugs. You man need fencing and containers to protect your plants and allow you to be the one consuming the fruit.

Plants for landscaping for quail

I have had a tremendous fondness for quail! Having raised chickens, ducks, geese, pheasant, and bobwhite quail, I enjoy and recommend all of them. While both of the game birds (pheasant and quail) are high strung, I enjoyed the quail the most. Quail are such a tremendous joy to raise and live with. They develop the skills to survive and fare well in the wild happen very quickly. Quail are a very social bird and do not do well if isolated.

Bobwhite pair

Bobwhite pair

The hatching process is adorable!

I watched the hatching process for the quail in the incubator and it was amusing. The first egg hatched a chick and it was a sad little fellow. Soon another egg started peeping and the chick moved over to sit by that egg. The second egg hatched and then there were 2 happy, excited chicks. The 2 chicks move to the next egg that started talking…and so on until the entire collection of chicks hatched. They are an extremely social bird from the time that they hatch.

Quail need plants that they can hide in and feel safe

Quail prefer areas like fences with lots of thick vegetation at the base. This situation allow them to run along the path and stay concealed and sheltered. Even if there is no fence, if you have plenty of vegetation that flows through your yard, they will feel safe and welcomed.