About Me

I have been in a career working in the electro-mechanical world. Being a nature lover, I have a big love for the outdoors, plants, rocks, and shells. I also love bonsai trees, music and stringed instruments, and am a fan of health and fitness. As an over 40 gal, I can say that I don’t mind not looking it. If celebrities can manage that, why not the rest of us too?

New life at my age…

My family and I have moved to the southern gulf area of the United States. I am finding the job market here to be much different and smaller than where I previously lived. During this time I have been able to explore beauty subjects that have worked extremely well for me and are so cheap and effective for so many issues. Because of this, I became fanatic about them and want to share information with others.

I have been on the learning adventure for a while, but now even more-so!

There are so many people who can benefit from the information I am sharing and may actually need these resources. I found both needed help, as well as improvements that just make me happier. If celebrities are doing this so well, why can’t we? This does not have to cost much money and how many folks are being taken advantage of by advertisers in this area of products? It does not take a magic pill or some expensive 4+ step skin care kit.

Escalation in issues and learning…

I have been learning and doing good things for my skin since my late 20s. By researching and finding new tools, I have steadily changed what I do with time. I had surgery, then an illness, which seemed to be the prelude to changes that I did not like. These tools and improvements I am sharing are all skin and fitness related. I have found many great tools and products to believe in. Of course, along the way, I have also tried some that were probably a waste. I can help you to find a better informed journey on the changes you are seeking for yourself.

I developed enlarged pores as I passed puberty. My biggest mission was pore reduction. The areas where this was worst were my nose and, strangely, the collar bone area of my neck. It was only a few years ago that I found a good solution. I was fighting early cellulite effects on my skin. After being sidelined, the cellulite appearance became more advanced. I am now using new tools in that fight. The inexpensive tools that I have come to love are great in fighting other issues too. Among these are age spots, saggy skin, thinning skin, and scars. They work well with your favorite skin care products.

Exercise is that magic pill

There are other great anti-aging resources, and the best one of all is, of course, exercise! It combats aging effects, boosts the immune system, fights cancer, keeps our circulatory system and lymph system running well, keeps us looking great…That is the closest thing to a magic pill that any of us are going to find!

Don’t feel like you have to make your exercise really intense. I am a firm believer in perseverance. Do what you enjoy, do what feel right for you. To burn fat, all you have to do is elevate your heart rate for a minimum of 20 minutes, 3 times a week. 70% of fitness is about what you eat, and 30% is exercise. Eating healthy is key, but indulging yourself once in a while is OK too.

Getting into better shape

It’s never too late to start any of these improvements! If you make them part of your routine, you will be amazed at the great changes you will see! Don’t expect immediate results. This is true of the skin improvement programs as well as fitness programs.

If you are weight lifting and/or doing muscle building work especially, do not go by your weight for your progress. This can be both deceptive and discouraging. Muscle weighs more than fat. I prefer to go by the way you look and feel. One day you will realize that the good results you are working towards are indeed starting to show. It may be sooner than you expect. Being healthy, feeling good, looking good… they all go hand in hand. When you have an issue, or don’t feel great, makeup tricks can get you there. With the right tools we can all look good at any age.

Working on a beginner bonsai book

Having written a book on beginner work in bonsai trees, I am now completing the illustrations for it. My book is about the fast track for a bonsai through an overview understanding, many techniques and methods, tips and tricks, as well as plant material.

The best looking bonsai trees have been trained for decades…wouldn’t it be great to dive in and get a great start so you can get to that great tree? Start now! Bonsai people are intelligent, creative, patient, fun, and kind. Local bonsai clubs are such a great resource! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that community?!?!?

I want to help people get a fast start on the style of tree that they love and the tools and resources to learn, improve, and enjoy that tree quickly. With the right information and overview, it can become more simple to start and easier to find your direction to progress in this art-form. I also give plenty of ideas for plants that just naturally have bonsai style to them. This is exactly the book I would have wanted to help me start bonsai trees.

Here is my personal Pinterest boards and interests if you would like to see them: https://www.pinterest.com/0p5xlswftfmgg2v/. I have a great deal about Bonsai trees, but I also have things about Japan, Norway, Union Terminal in Cincinnati, beautiful Yellow Springs in OH, the gulf coast area of the U.S, my favorite exercise routines, celebrities that look alike, decorated cakes and cookies, balloon sculptures and dresses, craft projects, free learning resources, links to favorite music on Youtube, beautiful musical instruments, beautiful architecture, things that I find pretty, funny, interesting, or inspirational, etc.

Here is my website related Pinterest board, a work in progress…https://www.pinterest.com/valuabletok0010/. Pinterest is consistently my best source for viewers for this website. I am also on Twitter…this is mainly nutrition and fitness information as well as the skin improvement and health information on ValuableToKnow @ValuableToKnow, the science, technology, space, sci-fi and my gift idea, product information is on ValuableToKnow @Valuabletofind1.

Thank-you for your interest in me and my website! If you appreciate my information, please go to your order from my site so that I can get credit for my work…

Mary Williamson