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There are Medical Treatments and DIY Tools for Solutions to Cellulite

There are many cellulite solutions that people use to fight cellulite. Some are more drastic than others, but they all require work and serious commitment. Even if you choose medical treatments or surgical solutions, it is not a permanent fix. They all require repeated work. The surgical solutions may last for a few years, while the others last months.

Surgical, clinical, and medical treatments

There are many surgical choices. An operation called subcision, for example, where they cut the connection between the skin and the underlying tissues to get rid of the wavy aspect that this connection between them causes. Subcision treatment can last 2 years or more.

Laser or Radiofrequency treatment

Laser or radiofrequency treatment melts off the fat layer and severs connective tissue. The laser treatment is used in combination with liposuction to remove the fat, light therapy to improve the skin, and massage to improve circulation. This can give you 75% improvement for around one year.

Freeze treatment (Cryolipolysis)

There is freeze treatment (Cryolipolysis) that kills the fat cells. This works in a way comparable to liposuction, but is less invasive. The body will dispose of these dead cells naturally. Cryolipolysis can take 3 to 4 treatments and 3 to 4 months to show benefits. The results for this process may last for many years.


Liposuction uses a medical treatment method of fat removal that is comparable to suctioning it out of the body. Many doctors and patients who have had the liposuction procedure say that this procedure may just make the cellulite more visible. In fact, some people have fat injections to give a smoother appearance that hides cellulite.

Shock Wave therapy

Shock wave therapy uses the technology that is used to break up kidney stones, but at a lower intensity. The shock therapy shocks the fat and helps destroy it. It is given twice a week for a minimum of 6 weeks. There is not a lot of history for this one yet, but it looks like the results last 2 to 6 months.

Massage treatment

Massage treatment has many possibilities. There is Endermologie (or lipomassage or endermology) treatment that give low pressure suction between rollers.

System Cleansing treatment

System cleansing treatments are not going to be effective, cellulite is not caused by toxins in the body. Injecting chemicals to solve this is a bad idea. This includes silicone. Injecting fat may however be a more natural and simple treatment.

These play into the cellulite appearance issue

Fat structure

The fat structures in women that cause cellulite appearance have a framework of supportive tissue that is vertical in nature and men have an additional horizontal structure that gives more strength. This structure becomes more pronounced and nodular in appearance when pressure is applied to it. It can happen due to additional fat, water retention, aging effects on skin, and other reasons.

Hormone effects

Additional estrogen can act in a way that causes you to gain fat. Levels of additional testosterone help burn fat. There is a proper level for testosterone for women, even though we know it as a male hormone. If you have muscle loss that is unexplained, this may be something to explore with your doctor.

Testosterone has undesirable effects in women and this is not the answer for fighting cellulite. One thing that we can do is reduce estrogen-imitator contributors like soy products and plastic container materials that leak these type of chemicals.

Alpha and beta receptors

Alpha receptors cause fat cells to produce fat, cause constriction of blood vessels, as well as release of sugar into the bloodstream when stimulated. Beta receptors break down fat, increase heart rate, and relax blood vessels when stimulated.

Genetic predisposition

Researchers are telling us that for many people, there is a genetic component to cellulite. If you have many women in your family with cellulite, you are more likely to battle it yourself.


Eating healthy is of course a good way to prevent fat and that includes the type that contributes to cellulite appearance. Processed food and modern, unhealthy ingredient foods probably are contributing to this problem.

Home treatment with DIY tools – VALUABLE TO KNOW

Don’t you just love having an option for trying out a cheap DIY tool that you can use in your home?!? I DO! It is simple to incorporate this into your schedule as you want and no one has to know about it but you…


Dermabrasion is a great treatment for stimulating the skin to produce collagen and look healthier and younger. This is a diverse category that includes any process that abrades away the top layer of skin (dead skin cells).

Dry brushing

Dry brushing in particular is a dermabrasion method that is used against cellulite and is popular. This is a treatment that improves the skin, and also stimulates the lymph system in a similar, gentler way than massage.

Caffeine scrubs

Caffeine scrubs are a popular treatment. These work in similar fashion to the dry brushing method with the addition of the benefits that caffeine can provide. The caffeine stimulates and adds antioxidants. Scrub massage increases circulation and plumps the skin. This works quite well, but the results are short term.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy (which I use and love) is another tool that induces the skin to produce collagen. This reaches deeper in the skin than any other DIY tools for skin treatment, which makes it exceptional for firming the skin. It also enables your favorite skin care products reach deeper as well.

Cardio and muscle building exercise

Cardio exercise helps to reduce excess fat and improve circulation. Muscle building exercise improve the condition of both the muscle and fat. Activity helps the lymph system circulation as well. Certain exercise helps the lymphs system even better such as trampoline, jump rope, jumping jacks, etc.

Intensive massage

After a lot of research… I am using both fascia massage stick and cupping massage. I have an article about them and my experience with them. The fascia massage stick is a long stick with knobby roller sections.

The ancient cup therapy use the same method as these cupping massage tools, except you roll them around to do massage. Today’s cup therapy tools are nice too.

Cupping massage

The original cupping massage method was used for pain management and remained in one spot, sometimes leaving an temporary imprint. Cupping massage like I am doing uses suction to the skin and rolls around to perform massage. This gives a smoothing effect to the skin and the tissues below the skin.

Textured massagers tools

There are many choices in this category… Tools that have a Y stem and knobby rollers. There are foam rollers, I especially like the ones that have a textured surface that provide added, deeper massage benefits.

Knobby textured balls

Knobby textured balls use in a similar fashion as well. These can do the massage work using your body weight to make it very effective. Typically these type of tools are used for circulation improvement and massage by athletes. The textured balls or more commonly used for foot massage.

Hide it with a tan or hose

Of course, no matter how one is dealing with cellulite, it can be hidden and made to look better through a fake tan. A nice tan can help to diminish the appearance and when you use self tanner, you are not causing any damage to the skin. The other benefit to a fake tan is that you can get it uniformly applied to areas that might not tan well, like stretch marks for instance.

The uniform color of a tan can help take away from the differing textures in skin that and make the surface look more smooth. And there is another option besides tan skin… you can wear hose over it and hide and smooth it out in another way.

I do NOT believe skin creams have much if any effect on this problem

Skin treatments like methylxanthine (which includes caffeine and theophyline) and aminophylline creams may cause lipolysis. They are supposed to stimulate the beta receptors for the breakdown of fat that is part of the cellulite appearance. This fat is then removed by the lymph system.

Theoretically, methylxanthine sounds perfect, but there is a lot of debate about whether these are very effective. I used them in the earliest stages at the ideal time for improving cellulite and they did nothing for me. It cannot hurt to try them, they are an affordable method and maybe they will work for you.

Valuable To Know