Many CAUSES of cellulite

Exercise helps to fight cellulite

Exercise is one way to fight cellulite

There are many factors involved in the appearance problem called cellulite. I think a very significant one is poor circulation. There are many other factors that play into this condition as well. The non-surgical activities that help this condition most are ones that improve circulation and change the fat, like exercise and massage.

Poor circulation

Poor circulation leads to decline in the skin condition first. The effects of aging also degrade the skin condition. In the earliest stages, this poor skin condition is all that shows for the cellulite appearance.

Aging skin

Aging skin loses collagen because collagen production becomes less and less with time. The hyaluronic acid content also declines and elastin breaks up and declines as well. This causes loss of firmness and dullness of the skin.

The appearance change in the case of cellulite is

that skin gets a rippled appearance, then a dimpled appearance. The wavy appearance worsens as the condition of the skin is amplified by the lumpy form that occurs to the fat and tissues beneath. The connective tissue between causes a wavy effect.

Fat structure

The fat structure of adipose fat just under the skin layer is different between men and women. The woman has a framework structure for the fat that is very vertical in structure. The man has a framework structure that also has horizontal structure added in that gives it better strength. This lack of strength to the structure surrounding the fat in women’s cellulite areas is affected by added pressure. This can be additional fat, fluid retention, etc. The pressure change effects on the fat structures is to make them more nodular, enlarged, and pronounced.

Alpha and beta receptors

A strong influencer of these fat structures is alpha and beta receptors. The alpha receptors cause fat cells to produce more fat, cause constriction of blood vessels, and release sugar into the bloodstream when stimulated. Beta receptors break down fat, increase heart rate, and relax blood vessels when stimulated. There are 9 times as many beta receptors as alpha receptors in the cellulite areas of the woman’s body.


Hormones also play into cellulite. Extra estrogen causes more fat to be accumulated. Cruciferous vegetables will help lower estrogen level if you feel that is needed help in your diet.

Poor diet

Healthy eating also plays into cellulite. Reducing the amount of processed foods, eating lots of vegetables and fruit are beneficial. Estrogen-imitator foods like soy products should be avoided.


Genetics play a part as well. If there are a lot of women in your family who are fighting with cellulite, you are probably going to have that battle too.