Handy Kitchen Gifts

When you need a great kitchen idea

Sometimes you want a great kitchen item idea

Sometimes you are just looking for a great kitchen item gift! Maybe it is for the person who loves working in the kitchen…sometimes it is a house-warming gift. It can be hard to find something that they do not already have, in the right price range, and sure to be appreciated. I love searching out these kind of lists when I need something, maybe these ideas can help you!


Fun kitchen items

Waffle cone maker

This makes 2 waffle ones at a time and is non-stick surface. You can fill them up with ice cream, or fruit, or whatever you like!

Yay… here is an ice cream maker

It is a best seller with these features: ingredient spout, easy-lock lid, mixing paddle, freezer bowl, non-slip rubber feet, and strong motor.

Cupcake tree

These are both very highly rated best sellers. This is a very nice presentation for cupcakes that is effective on table space. You can also load this for other items for parties.

Floating ladle

These ladles are handy as well as decorative…they would be a wonderful conversation piece at parties. They are made to float on top of the fluid. One set is swan designs and the other is plesiosaur dinosaurs like “Nessie” of Loch Ness legend.

Easy decorating elegance to your baking!

Set of 12 textured rollers…these designs will create beautiful textured designs on the surface of your cookies or pie crust dough. It only takes seconds to add this attractive finishing touch before you bake them.

Stylish wine holders

Knight Suit Of Armor holders

Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

Dog and Cat Wine Holders

Wine aerator

This opens the bottle in a perfect way to dispense like a tap. It also aerates the wine for you so there is no need to let it sit after opening.

Handy items that make things easy & better

Knife holder blocks – brush in block

I just love these knife holder blocks! They have a brush center that allows the storage of a variety of sizes and quanitities. You are not limited to slots in a board any longer! The brush center comes out and you can just pop it into your dish washer machine to clean it up. Be patient on drying it out though.

Kitchen tool organizer/holders

Magnetic Strip Style – metal kitchen tool holder with hanging hooks

This is another great way to store knife sets, but can hold any other metal kitchen tools. It also has hanging hooks for holding the non-metal kitchen tools. This is a simple and practical way to hold your kitchen tools and it looks like a professional kitchen item.

The first one is 18″, the second is 16″, and the third one is 14″.

Single-piece knife sets

In my experience, my knives have always broken at the handle while I was using them. This is a scary and shocking thing when it happens too. I got myself a set of one-piece strong, quality knives. They have not changed since I first got them new and I have had them for many years. This is an incredibly great idea for a gift or even better…for yourself. These knife sets are high carbon stainless steel that are stronger, harder metal which resists stains, rust and pitting. They have 5 out of 5 stars on reviews.
Set of 6 high carbon stainless steel steak knife set, 3 piece variety knife set.

Leveling measuring spoons that disconnect easily

I just found these recently and I really love them! They are brilliant, simple, and so easy to use! Entertaining and a normal price, they are stackable. The ends of the handles snap together like many measuring spoon sets are made to do…except that they have a shape at the end of the handle that allow them to snap together and apart easily. No unfastening a key ring type device like most of them have. Those drive me crazy…you take out that one spoon and it never finds a way back to the set. You end up messing with the ring to open and close when you really want to be getting on with fixing your food…right? No hassles here. Just simple and easy.

Food Cutting Tongs

These specialized tongs are a handy tool for holding food items that you need to cut. Handy for holding the item and allows you to more easily cut to consistent thickness as well. They are both made of stainless steel.
The first one is 9″ (L) * 2″ (W) * 3.5″ (H) and the last 2 are 11-1/8″L x 3″W


These are handy to for making noodle like cuttings from vegetables quickly. They can make a favorite noodle dish, like stir fry for example, into a far healthier one. They are also more fun.

The highly-rated, best sellers

Special brownie pan

This pan gives every piece of brownie a nice crispie edge.
This is one of those items that people would not think to get for themselves, but would really love if they love brownies. That is why this would make a great gift. Plus, it is one of the quirky items in the list that make it less likely to be a duplicate of something the person already has.

Clear toaster

Get your toast done to the proper amount, no matter who uses it or how long you have had it. You can see exactly what it looks like while it in the toaster. Then there is the fun factor at being able to see inside too.

Hand held immersion blender wand

These are great for making a quick smoothie or to beat a few eggs. Maybe you need to make a frozen Daiquiri at your party that is a particular fruit flavor, while someone else is making a batch in the blender. This is one of the highest sellers and also very highly rated.

All-in-1 Breakfast Sandwich Makers

Handy gift for those who love their breakfast sandwiches…one is single size and the other is double. This clever device allows you to prepare all the elements for the sandwich at the same time and enjoy quickly!

Waffle Maker

I am a fan of waffles and love this waffle maker design…I have one. It can be rotated in a way that flips the waffle to the opposing side. I have learned that removable plates make for a much better design. They are easy to take out and clean. This design cooks more uniformly and also uses gravity to an advantage. They are easier to remove from the plates when cooked as well.

Reversible Plate Griddle with lid

I love these kind of griddles and this is a really good one. I have this one and use it all the time. The plate has both the grill plate and the flat plate on the opposing side for cooking. The plate is removable for easy cleaning. It has the addition of a lid, which is great for containing the splatter of cooking something like bacon.

Contact grills

These have grill plates that make contact on both sides of the item being cooked. They cook very well and also very fast. All of these have removable plates, which is an important feature when it comes to cleaning them.

This one is highest on sales and rating

This one is also high on sales and rating and much cheaper


These cooking devices are at both ends of the spectrum and each has good merit. I absolutely love pressure cookers! You can take a roast to beautiful cooked perfection in half an hour! Frozen food can be cooked in a short time too. The slow cooker is one that you can set up in the morning before you go to work and have a beautiful meal waiting when you get home. Both methods seal in the nutrition of your food, both can cook to fall off the bone goodness. If your gift recipient does not have one, these items can make you a gift giving hero. I know, I have enjoyed this very scenario.

Pressure cookers

These are much different than the ones that my mom used. The safety features make them very trustworthy and reliable. They have many features along this line that make me feel so safe using them that I don’t even think about the safety of it anymore. It is so fast and easy to cook meat until it is so tender, it falls off the bone.

The programmability of the electric pressure cookers makes them easy to use. There are units that can be programmed and controlled from your smart phone while you are not at home. They can be used as slow cookers, rice cookers, yogurt maker, and to sauté…maybe those are other functions that you had not even thought of for these. Perhaps you can just get an electric pressure cooker and forget about some of the other appliances you were thinking about getting…

Electric Pressure cookers

This one is the best seller. It can do the functions of 7 different kitchen devices…Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, and Yogurt Maker. The Instant Pot prepares healthy, tasty dishes up to 70% faster. This one is the 6 quart, but there are also 3 quart and 8 quart sizes here to choose as well.

This one has a very high rating and is a huge seller in a lower price range. It has close to 3000 reviews.

Stove top pressure cooker

This is the best selling stove top pressure cooker. It is very highly rated and has almost 2000 reviews.

Slow cookers

This is the best seller It is very highly rated with over 3500 reviews

Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Cooker

Sous vide (pronounced sue veed) translates to “under vacuum”.
This is a method of cooking food at a precise temperature with circulation for effective and consistent results every time. It uses exact temperature control to give professional restaurant quality results. Used by high-end restaurants for many years, this method keeps the moisture, flavor, and nutrition sealed up during the process. It cooks to precise level of doneness and cooks uniformly all the way through meat.

Sous Vide cooking does not have the drying effect that air circulation cooking (convection) or contact cooking (grilling, hot plate) brings to the cooking process. The nutrition and moisture stay sealed into the bag. This method also allows freedom from monitoring the cooking process.

Here’s the exciting part of this method – smart phone control!

Many of the Sous Vide immersion cookers have the ability to be programmed and controlled from your smart phone! Now that is fun and modern! You can start the food when you like to finish when you want while you are at work!

Easy water immersion vacuum seal method for the bag

A cheap and easy way to get the vacuum sealed bag of food is by using the pot of water you are going to use for cooking. Put the food into a zip top type bag and immerse in the water up to the zip level. The water will displace the air in the bag. You can then zip the top closed and have a very nice air evacuated food bag. It is best to use the heavy duty freezer bags for this type of cooking.

Steak and cheaper cuts too

Many high-end restaurants cook steak to the perfect uniform amount of doneness and then quickly sear the outside to get it browned. This method takes longer to cook, but it comes out juicy and with less loss of size that comes from typical methods. It only takes about a minute to do the browning of the outside at the end. Cheap cuts of meat can be cooked until perfectly done and tender as well, but will take a lot longer cooking time.

ANOVA SOUS VIDE FRIED CHICKEN RECIPE Recipe & cooking instruction


The Anova is 800 Watts and uses Bluetooth. It has well over 2.5k reviews and a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. This model can be programmed manually or through the smartphone app. It has a digital display and a C-Clamp style clip.

This Wancle is 850 Watts. It has over 520 reviews and 4.4 out of 5 stars.
The Wancle is accurate to 0.1⁰ F and has a built in clip design that is very nice. It also has a nice digital display. This one uses Bluetooth and WiFi.

This Chefsteps model is powerful at 1100 Watts. Chefsteps’ model has over 600 reviews and gets 4.4 out of 5 stars. It has Bluetooth and WiFi. This one requires smartphone control and does not connect to more than one phone. It does not have a display. The information about cooking time and temperature are on the smartphone interface.

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