Your hands will show aging first…

First the issues…

Your hands are where the signs of aging show up first. They are out there exposed to the sun much more easily than the rest of the body for most of us… Don’t let it bother you! This is an opportunity! You can try out the treatments to improve this skin first. Find out what you like and what works for you before you want to use them elsewhere.

You may notice lots of freckles that weren’t present previously, maybe even liver spots. Liver spots don’t usually show up until after the age of 50… but I got them when I was 20… The dermatologist told me that it was nothing to worry about and nothing was wrong. He said that some people just get them earlier than others. I come from Norwegian origins in my family that make me very fair. We tend to get sun damage more easily. I had a brief period where I went against my wise mother’s advice and tried some sun bathing as a teen. I wanted to be tan like my friends. Fortunately, I did not pursue it more than a small amount for 2 summers… I was not patient, nor seeing results… LOL.

Now… solutions!

There are a few processes going on to make our hands look old. We are slowly losing that fat tissues below the skin, the skin is thinning, and the skin surface is showing signs of aging. Only 2 of these 3 can be improved. There are lots of inexpensive DIY tools to do this at home. They can work to improve different issues elsewhere later. Why not try them out?!?

Age spot VS melanoma

Age spots are freckle-like spots that are often slightly raised. Melanoma is a dangerous skin condition that can spread quickly. Knowing the difference between age spots and melanoma is extremely important. Melanoma spots are asymmetric, have badly defined borders, and have variance of color through them. These locations can be itchy, sensitive, or bleed easily. See your doctor if you are at all unsure about whether you have age spots or melanoma.

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DIY treatment diminishes Stretch Marks

What are the causes of stretch marks?

Stretch marks are areas of skin that have scars in parallel lines where there have been tears in the skin. These tears happen because the skin gets stretched. Stretching of the skin occurs during pregnancy, or when a growth spurt causes internal growth to happen faster than the skin can grow to adapt.

Why and how Collagen Induction Therapy works so well

Collagen Induction Therapy breaks down the tough scar fiber strands. It causes them to get improved blood flow and induces the production of collagen to the site. This causes them to heal better, and lessen their presence. Scars follow the same process. The reason that this process helps to restore better condition to the skin is because it causes an increase in number and spread of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the connective tissue cells that create collagen and elastin fibers. These bring about collagen production and formation of better blood vessels to the tissue.

It does not cost much…just invest the time

The derma rollers to do Collagen Induction Therapy at home cost very little. Regular cycles of treatment to the stretch mark or scar area will diminish them with each treatment. Application of vitamin A and C ingredients fuel the collagen production and healing process.

This treatment restores a healthier, younger appearance to skin. It is a process that can allow your favorite skin products to work more deeply. Because of this, it improves firmness as well. You may be surprised at how much this can improve the appearance.

What is the alternative solution

Alternatives to Collagen Induction Therapy for treatment of stretch marks include laser treatments, light treatments, and microdermabrasion. These are alternatives listed by the Mayo Clinic. As with Collagen Induction Therapy, stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin comes from all these methods. They also say that the use of lotions for preventing and treating of stretch marks is not something that is supported by scientific evidence.

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Important tool against cellulite

Massage improves the appearance issue called cellulite. This tool is useful at all stages. To view this as a fat problem is to oversimplify the condition. Most women will experience this issue in their lives. It happens to thin and fit people. There are many factors involved. A few of these causes are aging skin, poor circulation, and/or hormonal changes.

Stage 0

I now know that you can test to see if you are starting to get this condition by pinching the skin and seeing if there is a cottage cheese kind of appearance. This is considered stage 0 before you can see it. If you have other women in your family with cellulite, you should check on this from time to time.

Stage 1

Once you see the symptoms, it is stage 1. The fat structure have changed too. In stage 0, the fat structures may have become more nodular. The first visible signs of cellulite are actually seen in the skin condition at this stage. Fat structure changes below the skin are also part of cellulite.

Connective tissue

Connections between the skin and these fat structures is the third thing that plays a part in cellulite appearance. The rippled look of the skin is worsened by the way it is tied to the lumpy structure below and makes it even more wavy and lumpy looking.


Massage is so valuable because it improves circulation, tissue health, vascular health, and tissue smoothness. These are desirable improvements for cellulite at all stages and all the levels involved. It stimulates the lymph system circulation, which can aid in eliminating fluid that is retained. This excess fluid can play a part in the cellulite, bags under the eyes, etc.

If you want to fight it…start now!

This is an appearance issue that will requires work to fight! The sooner you start, the better. Even surgical solutions are not permanent. The more advanced it is, the harder the fight will be. Everyone experiences this differently. Unfortunately, I did not realize that I would have this issue until it became visible. I used collagen induction therapy to improve the skin condition and firmness. This was controlling it well… but then I got injured and gained a little weight. I was shocked at how far it advanced very quickly.

Many choices

There are surgical procedures that are performed for this condition. Many involve severing the connection between the fat structures and the skin layer (Subcision). Liposuction many times makes the cellulite more visible. Sometimes injecting fat actually makes the appearance better. Some of these surgical procedures work well and last for a few years. Many last for less than that. Since I do not have the money or the desire to get surgical solutions, I have been researching and trying out tools to reduce it myself at home. There are a lot of these tools and they cost very little.

My choices

I am using a fascia massage tool. The tool I chose would be different now after my experience using them. I am using it in a different way than how it was designed. It helps, and to a needed deeper level that is difficult to achieve with massage. Cupping massage is the other tool that I am using.

After a lot of research, I pursued both of these massage tools. Having seen great testimonials and results for both, I selected the versions that I felt strongly would be best suited for me. Currently I am seeing much better results with cupping massage. Both tools are benefiting me.

In addition to these massage tools, I am also exercising. Both cardio and muscle building are part of my fitness program. Exercise can help reduce unwanted fat, but also improve the condition of the fat that we keep. Toning up muscle and improving fat condition helps the appearance of the cellulite areas. It also improves circulation which is a big benefit in the cellulite issue.


Diet can help in fighting cellulite. Eat healthy with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods. Drink plenty of water. Tea can be very beneficial too. These are important to fitness as well.

I have more information about my research and the tools that I am currently using for myself. You can learn from my experience and information about the many causes of cellulite and the many solutions to choose from.

Everyone is unique

Everyone has their own unique combination of factors and conditions. Even if we are using the same tools, the combination that is right for each of us could be different. I think my set of tools have benefited me well. It has enabled me to learn which ones address particular factors better.

You can do better in your own journey with this information about cellulite tools. Get a feel for which tools you need and what is more your style. I have found many to appreciate that are all very inexpensive. They are easy to incorporate into your routine.

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Improving the lips

Special concerns

The lips have very specialized tissue. The tissue there is very absorbing. They can become more easily dehydrated as we age and are more vulnerable to sun damage and cancer risk than other tissue. They are also more sensitive to allergic reaction.

Lip care

We should take good care of the skin of our lips and moisturize them consistently. Lip exfoliation is fine as long as salicylic acid is not used. This can penetrate too deep and cause damage.


With aging, I have noticed a loss of color to the outer edge of my lips. Surprisingly, exfoliating them has restored the pigment for me. It also lessens the wrinkling that develops with time, making them more smooth. I think it can also stimulate growth of lip tissue that can be beneficial.

This is an area that should not be exfoliated too often to prevent thinning of that skin. Some people do collagen induction therapy for lips to help thicken, smooth, and improve their condition. I have begun doing it and feel it is beneficial to me.

There are special scrubs to exfoliate the lips. You can find recipes for sugar scrubs to use for this task. I use a soft bristle tooth brush. I just do my exfoliation and lip balm before I go to bed.

Other skin improvements


Age spots (liver spots, solar lentigines)

Age spots show up in the areas that get the most sun exposure. They vary a lot in size and are dark areas of pigment similar to freckles. These are very common after 50, but they can happen at any age. They are due to sun damage and therefore can increase in number with time. Sun block can help postpone them. I got them on the back of my hands at the age of 20. The dermatologist I visited told me that they sometimes happen earlier and it does not mean there is anything wrong. Liver spot is just a name. They are in no way connected with liver function.

Is it an age spot or melanoma? Find out!

Melanoma is dangerous and can spread quickly. It is extremely important to be able to tell the difference between age spots and melanoma. Melanoma spots are asymmetric, have badly defined borders, and have many shades of color through them. They can be itchy, sensitive, or bleed easily. If you are at all uncertain whether you have age spots or melanoma, or you have a spot that seems unusual to you, definitely see a doctor. This is important to know for reasons of your health and safety.

Don’t like age spots? Get rid of them!

Age spots are harmless and can be lightened or removed. They can make you look old, and if you do not like them, you can do something about them. I did treatment on the backs of my hands and they are now gone and have never come back. In addition, I followed this up with regular collagen induction therapy treatments to keep that skin from becoming thin. The back of the hand has thin skin and will become more so as we get older. The hands and the neck are two neglected areas for our skin that can really show the effects of aging. Make sure to moisturize both of them well. Collagen induction therapy can make the skin younger looking and healthier. Additionally, it can return firmness as well.

Protect your skin from sun exposure

Just the fact that you are seeing the skin aging in your hands…says that you are getting sun exposure there repeatedly. If you are not using sun block consistently, you should. There are moisturizers that are SPF that can be used under your makeup. Lip sticks and lip balms also come with SPF as well. Many great choices in sun blocks are available that can be used on the rest of your body too.

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Better, healthier skin!

Dermabrasion, Chemical peels, and Collagen induction therapy are all treatments that speed up new skin growth and stimulate the production of collagen. They all can reduce wrinkles and surface scars, smooth the skin, and lead to youthful, healthier skin. These are all valuable improvements that can be done at home inexpensively too! Dermabrasion and chemical peels can be handy for removing the top layer of dead skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are great at smoothing out the surface of the skin as well as the skin tone. Strong peels are great for removing age spots (liver spots), precancerous spots, and scars.

Salicylic chemical peels are the best and most affordable way to reduce pore size! The other is expensive laser treatments. Chemical peels can clear out the sebum in the pores, remove the top layer of the skin as well as inside the pore, and cause the lining to grow new tissue faster and reduce in size. This pore reduction comes about from both the unclogging of the pore and the freeing of the new growth of the pore lining. Any other treatment only provides temporary changes.

Salicylic chemical peels also can help fight acne. It helps by unclogging the pores of sebum and dead skin. This does not fight bacteria that cause acne, however, the unclogged pore will be far less likely to have any problems from any remaining. The bacteria require something like anti-bacterial cleanser or benzoyl peroxide products. The bonus skin improvement is that chemical peels reduce acne scars on the skin surface. This can be a good tool to healthier skin without breakouts.


Dermabrasion is any treatment that mechanically removes the top layers of dead skin. The tools that qualify as dermabrasion treatment can be washing strongly with a wash cloth, a cleansing brush, to using a rotary brush or buffer tool, to a professional machine that removes surface skin layers.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy is a treatment that can stimulate improvements to the deeper layers of skin. This is the best method for firming the skin. It can also make healthier skin through allowing your favorite skin products to reach much deeper.

It is an extremely effective tool against cellulite when used together with exercise and massage. This treatment can smooth the skin surface, while exercise and massage help to reduce the fat nodules that cause the cellulite. Collagen induction therapy helps to fight saggy skin on arms and chin/neck area. These are areas that exercise goes hand in hand very well with the treatment.

This is also a great tool for thickening skin that becomes more thin with age, like the back of the hands and the lips. Most skin becomes more thin with aging, but those are two areas that do it faster. Any area of skin where the layer of fat between the skin and the muscle/bone is lost becomes vulnerable to thinning.