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Mattress Toppers

Basic considerations

Getting a mattress foam topper is a great choice if your mattress and or cushion are getting old. It is also a great choice if they prove to be harder than you expected after you get it home. Maybe you have decided you want latex or memory foam, but your mattress just does not have it. Perhaps you have a roll-out bed or a bed where the frame can be felt too well for your comfort. This can be a handy way to have comfort on a camping trip or as a fast handy place for an unexpected guest to sleep. Maybe this improves the hotel beds in a way that gives you a more comfortable night. This is a very affordable solution. Both latex and memory foam toppers conform to your shape. They both are resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites.

Valuable for sleep

An Investment in making your bed comfortable is well worthwhile. Sleep is very important to our health and well being, both short term and long term. Wasting time in a bed that is not comfortable enough to fall asleep on can waste valuable time and take a toll on us. A topper is a much easier and cheaper solution than getting a new mattress. This is also a mobile solution that can travel with you if needed.

Helpful to know

One thing to expect is that most mattress toppers are about an inch smaller in size than the mattress on all sides in order to fit under the bed sheets properly. If your mattress has sunken spots or structure problems like springs sticking out, a mattress topper will not cure these issues. New latex and foam material can, on occasion, have a unique smell to it. This dissipates with time. Leave it to air out for a few days before you cover it in bedding sheets. I saw comments about this for the topper I got. To me, this scent was quite minor, it went away easily when I let it air out for a day.

Memory foam

Memory foam has proven to be a very comfortable material for pillows and cushions. It is so popular because it is far more comfortable than the old foam. These seem to be the most comfortable toppers overall.


Latex is a more expensive topper. They are hypoallergenic. It is very durable. The ones with pinhole design are more breathable. These very rarely have complaints about the heat build-up, this is not an issue for latex toppers.


Gel is a great additional element when you choose memory foam, because it tends to collect and hold heat while you sleep. This is one aspect that can cause you to become uncomfortably hot while you sleep. The gel infusion in the topper works as a cooling agent. This is an important consideration for warm climate areas. It is also even more important if you are your partner create a lot of heat while you sleep. I know about this issue because I am a sleep-time heater.

Shape – convoluted or egg crate

The shape of my foam mattress topper is the reason that it does not collect and hold heat. It has what is often described as egg crate design (also called convoluted). This structure allows the topper to breath very well.


The density of the topper material is important to good support. High quality density is 5 lbs and higher. To put this in this perspective, if you lay down, how much you sink into the topper has everything to do with the density of the material.

2 to 3 lbs/cubic foot this is not good for a bad back MINIMUM
3 to 5 lbs/cubic foot this is the range for a bad back and/or heavy person


For latex, there is a firmness scale Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). This scale goes from very soft (20 ILD) to very firm (45 ILD). 24 is soft range, 28 is medium range, 32 is firm range, 36 is extra firm. The ILD scale is the number of pounds of pressure required to indent 4″ of foam by 25% with a 50 square inch indentation.


Thicknesses of each material present as well as the total thickness make a big difference in the comfort of the topper. The following is very general and simplified detail for the total thickness that is meant to give you a perspective of the thickness that you would most want.

2 inch – least expensive
Medium pressure relief

3 inch – middle and most popular
Great choice on top of a firm mattress

4 inch – maximum range
Great choice for large or heavy people, or for a hard surface.
Great choice for leaving little doubt that it will be comfortable.

My choice

My topper is egg crate memory foam that is 4 inches thick with a cone shaped surface. It is called convoluted, but is also described as egg crate foam. The cones run very deep and it is quite thin between all these cones (1/2”). I absolutely love it and it is holding up through all the wear and tear over time and continual usage. When I am asleep, I am one who of those people who pours off heat. My gel-infused memory foam topper also has the egg crate design to fight the heat problem in 2 ways. If I use a blanket over myself though, that traps heat in and it can be tricky to get the temperature right.

This is the one I have and love!

These are also highly rated, but do not have many reviews. It has the dual heat control of gel infusion and egg crate surface shape.
4″ Slumber Perfect Convoluted Gel Infused Foam Mattress Topper
Queen size, Full size, Twin size

The toppers that I have listed here are very highly rated and most have more than 200 reviews, which shows long term reliable approval

Other Memory Foam Toppers

LUCID 5″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Dual-Layered

Dual layered = 1″ soft, ventilated cooling layer with 4″ supportive base foam layer.
These have over 1.3k reviews.
Callifornia King size, King size, Queen size, Full XL size, Full size, Twin XL size, Twin size

LUCID 4″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Toppers

Highly rated with over 400 reviews
King size, Queen size, Full size, Twin XL size, and twin size – all with 3 year warranty

LUCID 3″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Toppers

Best Seller in mattress toppers – over 1500 reviews
King size, California King size, Queen size, Full size, Twin XL size, Twin size – all with 3 year warranty

Extremely Highly Rated Memory Foam Topper with over 5k reviews!

Memory Foam Solutions, Visco Elastic Memory Foam, 3″ thick, 4 lbs/cubic foot
King size, California king size, Queen size, Full size, Twin XL size, Twin size

3″ Latex Mattress Topper

Pure Green 3″ Natural Latex Topper – medium (30 IDT) & 5 lbs/cubic foot
King size, Queen size, Full size, Twin size

Pure Green 3″ Natural Latex Topper – soft firmness (20 IDT) & 4 lbs/cubic foot

King size, Queen size, andTwin size

This another option – down-filled

Down-filled are very comfortable and are incredibly soft. They will respond to the compression, and wear and tear of usage faster than foam and latex material. If you have access to a large enough capacity washing machine, they can be easily cleaned. Down-filled are good on breathability, and humidity regulation.

5 inch Medium size with 3.9 our of 5 rating for over 270 reviews

Best Price Mattress 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress
These have over 5.2k reviews
Queen size, Full size, Twin size