Fight saggy skin

Saggy arm has many causes

Saggy arm

There are many causes for saggy skin. There may be multiple causes and solutions. In order to help with this problem, they need to be addressed. Each of us is unique in our combination of issues with which we are dealing.


This is never a pleasant issue… but it is a place to start. Excess weight makes us larger… that is a fact in the matter. It happens to most of us at some time. This can leave us with stretched skin and possibly even stretch marks. But please don’t feel bad or be discouraged, I will tell you the good news and the positives. The final and favorite tool in this article helps on both of these problems as well as restoring the firmness of the skin. That is why I love it. If this is a case of massive obesity, then yes, I’m sorry but it will probably require surgery to fix.

So what if we aren’t naturally skinny. You know how I look at it? This makes us lucky… we are forced to eat healthy and exercise. These are things that improve the quality of our lives and our health in a rainbow of ways. If you develop a large list of exercise and activities, plus healthy food that you enjoy…then this fitness program is easy, and easy to stick with!

Proper diet

Here is the list of what you should change to… It is important to have MODERATION and BALANCE. Extreme diets are not a good idea. This list is in terms of generalities. You need to translate these into what is right for you. You can opt to go for a weight loss program with specific guidance. There are many options and many programs that can help you with this part of your journey.

Drink plenty of water. It is both beneficial for your system, but also filling. If you drink juice, make sure that is is real fruit juice and no syrup/sugars. Tea is a great idea.

Eliminate processed foods. These have too much sugar, salt, and worst of all chemicals that you don’t need. They are poor on nutritional value.

More vegetables and fruits. Stock up on them, have them around you, this is how you will eat them more of them.

Healthy fats in moderation…surprise! All the experts that made fat and carbs the enemy oversimplified and demonized something with important health benefits.

Eat foods that give you plenty of fiber

Make your food the right quality food… high nutritive value and lower calories, fat, and carbs.

Cut back high fat meat, like sausage.

One important trick to eat plenty of vegetables that are not exactly your thing, is to fix combination dishes. Many times they are good in a complex dish.


The best way to improve your metabolism and lose weight is to get the proper exercise. Aerobic exercise will help you to burn fat. Muscle-building exercise will continue this further. It can increase your metabolism still more. Your body will have to feed these growing muscles. I strongly recommend regularly doing both types.

BASIC AEROBIC EXERCISE PROGRAM: Aerobic types of exercise that raises your heart rate for 20 minutes or better at least 3 times a week.

BASIC MUSCLE BUILDING EXERCISE: Weight-lifting or body-weight exercises every other day. You need a recovery day between them. If you alternate muscle group focused exercise routines, that is fine…just allow yourself a rest day or 2 in your week.


This is a complex area that will need investigation. There could be many things causing fluid retention. These are among some possible causes: allergies, blood circulation sluggishness, lymph system circulation sluggishness, too much salt in the diet, high blood pressure, hormonal causes, medications, heart or valve issues, or other medical issues. This very well should be investigated with your doctor.


My focus here is what I use…DIY techniques for fixing saggy skin. As skin gets older, it declines in many important components…such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, etc. There are skin treatments that can spark the skin to produce more collagen that we can easily do at home (microdermabrasion, chemical peel, collagen induction therapy). There are many that can be done by plastic surgeons like laser work procedures for instance. I am happy with the DIY ones myself. There are creams that can spark this too… really! Also, there are creams that support the process once it is sparked into action.

Preventatives for sun damage

This of course, includes sun block. It also includes proper coverage like hats and sleeves. Sun exposure is a serious source of damage and speeds up the aging process for skin. But this damage can be remedied as well.

Collagen Induction Therapy…my big love

Collagen Induction Therapy is the best DIY treatment for firming the skin…period. It reaches deeper in the skin and sparks the skin to improve exceedingly well. It competes very well with expensive laser treatment.
COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY My blog page on this subject

There is also the option of doing dermabrasion or chemical peels to spark collagen production and skin improvement. You can learn about all 3 of these methods here…

Proper skin creams

Despite all the advertising, collagen is too large a molecule to be absorbed through the skin. It cannot be taken in a supplement either. Collagen molecules do not survive the digestive process. There are important elements that are needed to signal to the skin that it should make collagen. Once the skin is creating collagen, it will also create elastin. Much like the sound of the name, elastin gives elasticity to the skin. These 2 components along with other partners keep the skin healthy and restore youthfulness.

The collagen production needs the proper diet and topical nutrition to capitalize on the process. There are proper diet items that includes amino acids. The very best food item for skin health also happens to be very affordable… sardines. There are other fish that provide great nutrition, but this one is the best source of ribonucleic acids (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). I also highly recommend healthy hair, skin, and nails supplements… they really work!

These articles cover the skin creams that induce collagen production in skin.