Kettlebell Grip for dumbbells or barbell plates

If you love kettlebell workouts, but already have dumbbells or barbell plates at home, attach a handle grip to them and convert them to a kettlebell. No need to buy more equipment. These are the highly rated, most popular converter grips. They travel very well because they are compact and light. You can convert any dumbbell in any gym that has dumbbells or barbells. They are fast and easy to attach and stay firmly in place.


For dumbbells

Designed to fit most dumbbells
Just put dumbbell in, close, and snap the latch
Holds a firm, stable grip

For plates

Holds multiple plates
Uses quick-release pins for fast easy changes
2,000+ pound shear strength

Benefits unique to Kettlebell exercise

Kettlebell exercise allows natural, continuous, dynamic movements with a compact and unbalanced weight. These exercises are muscle building with the potential to be aerobic or High Intensity Training (HIT) as well. These exercises move through a wider range of smooth movement that use more muscles than the typical dumbbell exercise. Also these utilize more wrist and forearm power to control the weights that are held by a handle. These exercises give more defining and toning type of muscle work.

Kettlebell basic moves

The foundation of the kettlebell exercise is the swinging of the kettlebell weight with the arms. There is the one arm swing and the two handed swing. Basic moves are the clean, the press, the snatch, and the Turkish get up. The clean takes it from the ground up to the shoulder. Press takes it from chest to full extension of the arm overhead. The snatch takes it from between the legs to up above the head. Turkish get up is a complex series of moves that take you from holding the kettlebell above you in the laying position to a standing position.