Low price sliding track machines like the Total Gym

Sliding track design home exercise machine in low price

Sliding track design home exercise machine

Low price sliding track machines like the Total Gym that are valuable to know

The sliding track style exercise machines are fun and great exercise options that can give you the ability to do most gym exercises. The ones in the low price range can be hard to find at times. Here are some great options! The first machine I got was a less expensive version… before I had ever even heard of Total Gym. I wore it out and went on to a Total Gym. I love these kind of exercise machines!

This type of machine can adapt to doing most every gym exercise. It can even work like  rowing machine. What a great home gym machine to have! There are many inexpensive ones that you can afford to have in your home.

These are not big brands, but similar design to Total Gym and low price range

This one is a new brand name in a similar design to Total Gym and low cost range

RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Sit up Bench Adjustable Workout Foldable Bench Fitness Equipment for Home Gym Ab Exercises New Version

What I REALLY LIKE about this exercise machine is that they have a design that can be used for sit ups and leg lifts so well !The thing I do NOT like is that it is a DISCONTINUED exercise machine

This ones seems very popular and well liked. The price is definitely something to like ! There is even a coupon for it.

The only exercise machine of this design that I have ever seen with this curved platform, but, UNLIKE Total Gym, has room at the top for a leg machine design that allows lost of great exercises

5 levels of resistance that you can set the sliding platform angle

Supports a maximum weight of 260 lbs

This uses resistance bands that the Total Gym does not

4.3 out of 5 and over 1200 reviews


Includes wing bar, dip bars, leg harness/pulley system, cellphone holder/stand, EZ curl bar, Crunch ab accessory, soft grip handles, extra large squat stand, resistance bands, and mat

15 levels of resistance for which it can be set, plus 4 bungie straps to add more resistance

Dimensions: 59″ L x 27.5″ W x 48″ H

Supports a maximum weight of 450 lbs

All 3 solid color versions are highly rated with over 100 reviews

The PATRIOT colored version (Red, White, and Blue) COSTS LESS than the solid color versions

4.5 out of 180 reviews.

Pilates type machine

Pilates machines were originally only flat static bench. There are many now that have incline adjustments like the Total Gym. These machines have long used resistance bands in many ways.

This design element has come into the Total Gym competitors too. Total gym machines do not have resistance bands, but the new competitors have bands that attach between the frame and the sliding track to add resistance. This is great for both Pilates and strength training.


3 incline levels of resistance

4 resistance bands

4.3 out of 5 stars with over 100 reviews

3 DVDs

Max weight capacity is 300 lbs



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