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Privacy for data

The Privacy Policy is explained more fully here.

Who I am

My website address is:

What personal data I collect and why collect it


I do not use them. If you would like to contact me, I provide an email address at the bottom of most pages.

Contact forms

I provide a form to leave your email contact (with a first name) on some pages. This is for if you would like to receive information about this website. I protect this information and do not share it with anyone.


I use affiliate cookies to get credit for sales on Amazon and TMD hosting. I store email contact if you choose to provide that information.

Embedded content from other websites

I have links to Youtube videos, Amazon products, and articles.


I have just removed Google analytics that I used to use to track the performance of my website. I am going to be using a new analytics system that keeps my information under my control. These metrics are an aid to know whether content is appreciated. User IDs are not and have never been collected by me. I now do not have to wonder about Google tracking. All the information I saw in Google Analytics was very general and noninvasive, but they have the ability to collect more than what I see.
I do have Jetpack, which gives site performance analytics, security help, and is commonly partnered with WordPress. Jetpack tells me number of views per page and general source… like Pinterest, search engine, etc.
Currently I am planning to set up Matomo analytics and it is not functional yet… It is not at all active at this time. It is not properly installed and also is de-activated. Opting out of this, this can be done easily, just follow the instructions below… but it is not necessary because it is non-functional. [matomo_opt_out]

Who I share your data with

I DO NOT SHARE DATA WITH ANYONE about anything. Matomo is an open source software tool that enables me to track my affiliate information. It is very general information that I use and even Matomo does not see it.

What rights you have over your data

If you change your mind and do not want to leave your email contact, you can remove it from that list or contact me about having it removed.
I will be happy to delete it for you. You can also opt out of Matomo.

Your contact information

I do not share this information with anyone.

How we protect your data

I used MailChimp for my email contact list in the past and here is their security information…

I have my own database for my information and I am planning to set up a form and listing that will be there only.

I removed MailChimp in February and also deleted my account there.

I currently have no email contact system. If you want to be on my contact list, you can email it to me. I appreciate your interest in my information very much!

What third parties I receive data from

I have Amazon product links on my site. They know when you visit their site from these links. The same applies to TMD hosting.

What automated decision making and/or profiling I do with user data

I have general data about the source of a visitor (Pinterest, search engine, etc.), how many views for a page. This is done by Jetpack.

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

The products that I give information about on this site are ones that I feel are valuable from research, ratings, and/or experience with them. If I have used them, I talk about that. When I have not used them, I have researched them. I provide information about why they are worth looking at and where to buy them. I do not cover warranty or refund policy for products. This information is available from the seller.