Many options for inexpensive DIY tools to fight cellulite that can easily fit in your routine

Fighting cellulite on legs and backside

Fighting cellulite

The best tool in our arsenal to use against the appearance problem called cellulite is massage. It is greatly helpful at all stages and also gives the most effective results. I have done a great deal of research on this and I think it is the best solution even when considering expensive surgical ones. No solution is permanent, even surgical treatments. A bonus is that massage is something that can be done inexpensively at home.

My early stage

When I first saw the signs of cellulite, it was an appearance change to the skin. Fighting it off with the use of Collagen Induction Therapy worked for me then. I have always exercised and worked to stay in shape. After an injury sidelined me, the cellulite appearance took hold in a big way. Now I am battling a more advanced case of cellulite.


Fat is an important part of what makes the female form beautiful. Cellulite effects most women at some time in their lives and it is not about how much fat you have. Thin, fit women get cellulite. As I am a huge fan of exercise, I know that the benefits are fantastic across the board. Exercise is a great partner to use along with massage treatments to increase the benefits for appearance improvement. Losing weight is something that you can decide for yourself whether you need. Eliminating the fat with liposuction can often expose the cellulite appearance more. Sometimes it can be improved by fat injections.

Unfortunately, the female body is designed to accumulate and hold on to fat. This is a mechanism that has protected our children in harsh times for early humans. It was genetically programmed into us for survival. We need to learn to appreciate the terrific body we were given. There may be limits in the ways that we can change it. Some changes come with getting older, and too often cellulite is one of them. Cellulite is something that can be improved. It will require effort and presently there is no permanent remedy.

Layers that compound the problem

One of the issues with battling cellulite is the way that the rippled skin is connected to the underlying tissue. The nodular surface of the fat structure attached to the skin having a wavy surface, causes an even more amplified rough and wavy appearance. There are plastic surgery treatments done for cellulite and among the things that they do, they usually cut this connection. These harsh tactics still only last for a few years.


Massage helps improve the issues of cellulite happening below the skin, the connection with the skin, and the skin health. Rippled appearance happens because of decline of the blood supply, skin condition, changes to fat structures, and the way the skin is attached. Fat becomes more compartmental because of changes in the framework system. The more wavy skin is connected like wrinkly fabric across the lumpy fat surface, and these layers all add up.

Massage treatments will help to encourage your body to improve the blood supply both short and long term. It also helps the body to eliminate retained fluids that add to the problem. This will bring about improvements to your skin condition and the condition of the tissues and fat below. The other benefit is that massage can help in smoothing those tissues that are causing the lumpy appearance below the skin. Massage treatment moving them around, as well as the connective tissue, and can bring about changes for the better.

Fat is just one of the factors in the appearance

The factors of cellulite that give us that lumpy effect below the skin is a change in the framework structure of the fat. For women, the framework has vertical structures, but lacks horizontal ones to give better strength. These horizontal structures are present in the fat framework for men. Again, this structure difference is just one of the contributing factors. Men can get cellulite too, although much more rarely.

This fat structure framework has a lack of strength against pressure forces. Retention of fluid, additional fat, hormonal effects, are among the things that can cause a lumpy, nodular surface to the fat layer. Added forces can cause the framework to distort. The lumpy surface can create deepened locations that pull the skin downward where these are connected. This results in a wavy and then dimpled look.


I will begin the solution discussion by saying I have used dry brushing treatment and I do like it, but I do not feel that this is an effective enough method for dealing with cellulite appearance. Having used the cellulite lotion, I found that it did not seem to do much for me. Coffee scrubs are extremely popular, but they are a very short-term solution.

The scrubs and lotions are gentler tools that you may choose to regularly do for the short term benefits that you are looking to achieve. They will not work well for later stages of cellulite. I am willing to do the work that it takes to make long lasting improvements.

Here is my current project for cellulite improvement…

My favorite DIY tool originated from something called Cupping Therapy

I came across this tool called a cellulite cup on Instagram. This is a tool that takes advantage of the “cupping” therapy that has been in use for thousands of years. It is recorded that Hippocrates used this therapy around 400 BC.

Cupping therapy has become a popular spa treatment used by many celebrities. The traditional method uses flame to heat the air inside a glass cup and then creates suction by applying it to the skin with that created temperature and pressure difference. Pressure and warmth in combination brings pain relief. This therapy is used for pain treatment by athletes and favored by Michael Phelps. It is in a similar category to acupuncture.

Cupping Massage

Now we can look at the variation on the original cupping therapy that I am exploring. The treatment that has become helpful in use against cellulite utilizes this cupping method. In this treatment, the cup is moved around to do a more effective form of massage. This is called “cupping massage”and the cup does not sit in one spot like the traditional cupping treatment.

I looked at these cup tools and started reading and watching YouTube videos about them. There were examples of absolutely astonishingly remarkable improvements with this tool. I now see this treatment as kind of in the same vein as ironing a wrinkled shirt, but with pressure instead of heat. This is a treatment that will do smoothing work to the fat surface, skin, and connective tissue between. It is not going to reach as deeply as deep massage can. That is why I am using 2 types of cellulite tools and they are valuable methods and good partners.

There are two partner tools that I value in my cellulite fight

The Cupping Massage process

The cupping massage might pull blood outside of the capillaries when there is poor circulation and the health of the wall tissue is weak. This may cause bruising initially, but as the health of the circulation and capillary condition improves with this process, this will cease to happen. The circulation improves, the skin is stimulated to better condition, and the structure around the fat nodules is enhanced as well.

I have never had any issues of bruising whatsoever with cupping massage, but I am dedicated to regular exercise. When there is initial bruising, I think that is evidence for additional benefit happening and an opportunity to improve your vessel walls. If this is happening during your start, investigate to make sure everything is alright, but hang in there. I am seeing great benefit coming slowly from this treatment. It is easy and effective too!

The next goal is to find an effective deep massage tool…

Cellulite massage stick

I have previously been using massage tools that have the knob ends to do the work, but this is fatiguing to do well. The one on the roller stick is a much more effective and efficient design. It just seems to be the logical, practical tool to use for this job and a “no brainer” device to utilize.

The reviews I saw were for the massage stick with 4 knob balls, but I picture the slightly smaller one (with 3) being more adaptive to the area you are working. Price difference between the various sizes is quite small. There are 3, 4 and 5 knob ball massage sticks.

My experience with the cellulite massage stick

I have been doing treatments with both the cellulite massage stick and the cup massage tool. Both are great tools. I am really most impressed with the cupping massage tool and am really happy that I got the one that allows me to adjust the suction force. I am definitely seeing and feeling benefits from the cupping massage treatments. It is very easy to use. The fascia massage stick does cause bruising, but it recovers quickly.

Each massage tool is well suited for part of the task

I am seeing that over time with the cupping massage treatments, the cellulite appearance is diminished. The cupping massage tool is best suited for improving the surface smoothness of the skin and fat structures as well as the connective tissues on a higher level.

I believe that the fascia massage stick is best suited for improving the fat condition and circulation for the structures below at a deeper level. This tool may give better help at a later stage of cellulite. It may also help more with different fat structure condition than mine. Everyone’s factors and makeup will be unique.

Fascia massage stick

I have been using this tool pretty infrequently and feel that I am going through the discomfort and bruising with very little benefit. So I researched the information about the other type of fascia massage stick that is not found on Amazon. I realized that functionally this one is different. This is a difference that I now appreciate. That massage stick is designed so that the knob ball part does not roll on the stick. These remain stationary as you work them into the muscles and massage.

This other design also will cause bruising in function. You can, however, do proper massage to the areas needed. The rolling stick just pushes the knobs deeply in a regular spaced line for the area you are working upon. This is an important difference. I am now using the rolling design stick, but am holding the knob ball still as I massage. This is now the way I am now doing treatments.

My massage stick update

I am currently using the message stick to do a deep message, but holding the rollers so that they cannot roll. The improvement in the process has been immediately obvious to me. I can do the deep massage work better, although it is awkward. It is still better with a tool and this shape to the knobs is very good for the task. I see less bruising and now I see better results as well.

It is much nicer now to be using the message stick and I do so much more often! I am not getting any bruising anymore from this process! Yay! Focusing more on the deep dimple on the top of each leg in the back, I am working in my most troubled areas. I am also using the suction cups and leaving it in place for those 2 deep ripple locations for a brief time. I am hoping to loosen that spot up and to improve the smoothness. It does work, it seems to be softening that crease over time. I feel like I am approaching a good point for my “after” picture.

Your factors may be a little different mixture

Others may be battling a different cellulite factor ratio combination. The factor combination may also respond better to a different combination of treatment time than mine. Maybe there will be more benefit from the cellulite massage stick or a massage tool like it. I believe that cupping massage and exercise can benefit everyone with cellulite. Exercise may play into your results differently than mine. I feel very strongly that these 3 in combination can make impressive improvement (exercise, deep massage, and cup massage).

The tools are cheap and easy to get

These tools are on Amazon and like most of my cellulite and skin improvement tools, they cost very little. The cupping massage sets are made of silicone or plastic which I like. I don’t want to deal with glass. Some of them utilize the fact that this material is flexible in their use.

This is harder to share than I thought…my before and after picture so far. I have not lost weight, but I have succeeded in significant cellulite improvement.

May 9 Aug 17 Nov 26 2017

May 9 Aug 17 Nov 26 of 2017

I think now my preferred tool would be different for deep massage

The textured roller seems to be easier and more effective by using your body weight for the deep massage. I can see that it would be awkward to do in many areas though. Maybe the textured massage balls would be more versatile. They are usually used for foot massage and are often labeled as foot massage tools.

Where ever you are currently at

One really good way to help hide cellulite is fake tanner. Fake tanner can also hide things like stretch marks, scars, etc. These are the places we may not be able to tan in the normal and more damaging way. There are so many choices in fake tan tools now and many work well. Keep hydrated and moisturize your skin. There are things about our aging process that we have to embrace…our wrinkles, our extra pounds, our graying hair. After all, these show that we have lived, laughed, and enjoyed our journey.

My other cellulite appearance weapon…

I focused on massage tools mostly, but still occasionally use Collagen Induction Therapy for my cellulite fight. It is an unparalleled tool for improving skin condition, firmness, and smoothness. I love this tool as well.

Cupping Massage tools

These are the base ones that I homed in on. They have 4 different sizes for you to use in one kit. This first is purple, but that one comes in blue and green as well. These are flexible and work more like a suction cup.

These have attached pump for the pressurization of the glass cups with a valve to control the pressure better.
There are 4 different cup sizes.

Another type has a pump and hose to set the pressure to what you like.
I like the fact that the hose allows you to comfortably work on the area you wish without stooping. It also allows pressure increase as you work with it. They have 6 different cup sizes.

This is the one I decided to get. I am extremely happy with it. Once I watched videos of these cup tools, I came to see that there might be some factors involved in the suction strength and the ability to attain it. I am so happy that I got the one I did. It always works at the strength I want and is easy to set to different suction strength according to whatever whim. I can even increase the pressure as I am using it. The pump is effective and easy to operate.

Deep massage tools

The first one is the massage roller stick device that I chose. Second massage roller is very much like it.

This massage device has the knob rollers on a more flexible device. I think I probably would prefer using one like this.

Maybe you would like these…

These are both very highly rated. I kind of wish I had the first one… it can allow you to work on both sides of your leg at the same time. The other can work on a larger area well.

Other types of deep massage tools with a different shape to the knob locations, that may be a good choice for you…

Fascia brush is a tool I had early on. It can be an easy method to do strong, deep massage. Take note on the grip part of the tool. This can make a big difference for the hand and wrist as you do the work. You know better than anyone what will be hard on your hand and wrist. The type of knob ends make a big difference in the way you can massage and the comfort of doing it.

Fascia brush

Roller massage sticks with different knob profiles

The middle one has 2 different textures and looks really great to me.

Here is a great massage tool that I have. It has metal roller balls that give a very comfortable massage. They can be washed clean after using lotions too. It is shaped for your hand and has a strap on the back. I have the blue one.

Here is the textured foam roller that uses your body weight to massage. The principle here is to have the roller underneath you as you roll the area to work over it. This one has 3 different textures for more choices in your massage. This method can use more force and eliminates the wear and tear on your hands altogether.

This will give you a feel for the use and benefits that are possible with the textured foam roller…

Massage balls

The spiky texture ball is 2.5″ and the smooth one is 3″.

These are both 3.5″ inflatable massage balls

5″ textured ball

Massage tool kits

This kit has 2 different design hand roller massager and a fascia brush.

Here is a kit that has a hand roller massager and a fascia brush.

Here is where you can find more information about Collagen Induction Therapy, which is very effective for the cellulite appearance of the skin. It is also great for restoring skin firmness. This is incredibly valuable for many skin issues and they are covered.