Handy garden products

Gardening products and compost helpers

Garden products can help make your gardening work easier

With the right garden products on hand, your gardening work and maintenance can go a lot better and easier. Why not make your own garden soil and recycle? Do your part for the environment and your garden through composting. With the right tools, this doesn’t have to be unpleasant. The right tools can make chores like weeding go a lot better too.

Potato pots

These are great for getting your below the surface produce like a potato. It doesn’t have to be a potato though, it can also be peanuts, carrots, parsnips, garlic, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to just lift the trap door and with just a small amount of digging, and pull out your food.
2 pack of 10 gallon containers & one 15 gallon container

Devices for recycling scraps to compost

compost bins
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43 Gallons

This is the Amazon choice for outdoor composting bins…
Has two 21.5 Gallons compartments… 43 Gallons

Amazon choice for outdoor composting tumblers
BPA free material, 43 Gallons

This is very highly rated (Amazon’s choice & best selling model) and an easy assemble model… [37 gallons]

Weeding tools

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Potting soil

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Hydroponic indoor plant grower

Extendable cutter

These are incredibly handy for pruning!
This one is a saw to reach high branches. I had one of these that I just wore out. I love them and I had some really tall trees that were battling with wasp gall. Tremendously helpful tool to use. These designs have both a saw and a pruning clipper too.

This is an extendable pruner…

Controlling pests

There are many pest possibilities for plants. One easy control method for fast help against bugs even when you may not be prepared, is to give your plant a cold shower. This can cut down the bug population very quickly in a way that is kind to your plant. This may buy you some time, or actually control the problem if you are lucky.

Snails and Slugs

There are many options for controlling damage to plants from snails and slugs. I have read that broken egg shells help… but I have always used epsom salt. When you make a boundary line of epsom salt, they will not cross it. It is as damaging as regular salt is to snails and slugs. The additional bonus to this is that epsom salt is a blooming aid to many plants. It does not harm and can even benefit plants.
2.5 lb bag & 5 lb bag


Ants are a problem for many reasons. They will steal your dirt to build their nests. They will also actually bring in pest bugs for your plants, where they farm and protect them as well. Honeydew that bugs like aphids, scale, and mealybugs provide is what the ants value. They may even build their nest in the plant pot and displace the dirt that the plant needs in the process.

Ant colony in your plant pot

There is a simple way to combat this problem that can be good for your plant! You can fill a large tub with water and soak the plant in it. Submerge the plant up to the level of the surface of the soil. The ant colony will of course try to save themselves and escape from a drowning situation. You can leave something like a string from the top of the soil to the ground for them to leave. If not, they will just climb to the top of your plant.

Signs of ant presence

Aside from the obvious sighting of ant activity, you may notice your plant developing sunken spots in the dirt, or maybe a trail of dirt from the drain holes. look for an ant hill located close to your plants that may be a source for problems.

Cornmeal gluten

Cornmeal gluten can be used to prevent weeds. You need to apply the gluten BEFORE the weeds come up. Once you already have the weeds, it cannot work very well. This has a far better role as a safe ant control solution.

Cornmeal gluten is a wonderful choice for ant control that is perfectly safe to have around pets and children… allowing you a great choice that can avoid poisons. The gluten is the part of the corn that is left over from the wet milling process. It has bulk with the nutritional parts stripped away. This has the traits of corn that make ants identify this as food and they take it home to their colony. This will take up space in their digestion that will lead to starvation for them. A process that is harmless to your home environment.


These are just super fun!

Baby Grut pot

Driftwood style pots

This one is the driftwood style, but there are 6 other designs… Fallen log, Fallen trunk, Hollow log, Log, Stumps, and Triple stumps.

Garden hoses

I love the new expanding garden hoses that are easy to manage and reduce to store away. These are the best selling and highly rated ones.