Exercise equipment for those with mobility issues

Exercise aid for mobility

Ab rocker – ab crunch assist equipment

Ab rocker or ab assist exercise equipment…

I have one of these exercise assist frames. It has an attached mat as shown in the picture. There are both pros and cons to this equipment. I left this pretty quickly. It can aid you in doing sit-ups. However, it can reduce the number of muscles that are being used in the work and it can help you to “cheat” on the exercise. If you become strong enough to do these without it… do that. It can have a good purpose in helping you to do this exercise and can aid you in starting. You really should “graduate” from it if you are capable.

How to get the most out of you Ab rocker exercise

Sit ups/Crunches
Hold your muscles tight and make sure you are using them to do the lifting motion as you do your assisted sit ups. You do not want to push yourself up with your arms, merely holding the frame lightly and allowing your head to be supported. Use slow movements as you perform the exercise.

Side crunches
For performing these, you turn your bent legs to one side. When you perform the assisted sit up, you are using the muscles on the side of your waist. Make sure that you are keeping them tight and working as you slowly perform the moves. Do both sides.

Knee lifts
This equipment can also assist in this exercise. Keep your back on the floor and hold the frame as you raise your knees up to the bar. Make sure that you are holding your muscles tight and move slowly.

Full body crunches
With this exercise, you are lifting your knees as you are lifting your upper body. The bar is the limit for your motion during this exercise.

Bicycle kicks
You kick you legs in circles in the air like you would if you were peddling a bicycle while your back is on the floor and you hold the frame.

Ab Doer or other chair core exercisers

Yes… the name sounds silly. This is a well constructed cushioned chair with a back that has a roller and flexible design. The chair is made so that you can sit and push the roller back in pretty much any direction and exercise your core muscles. They fold up for easy storage.

With this chair, you basically stay in a seated position in the chair and push the back of the chair around, working against the resistance of that upper part of the chair.

Advantages – improve mobility and strength

Exercise chairs are often a great idea. As a matter of fact, I feel that these exercisers have a lot of value, especially for those who are injured or disabled. This can be a real benefit to anyone that wants to exercise in a seated position. Maybe you would like to make better use of your time sitting and watching TV…

These chairs have arm pieces that you can hold. You can hold these and push downward for crunch type ab exercises in all directions. You can also push against the back of the chair in many directions for exercising other muscles as well. There are many models for these now.