Cat Products

Cat products that can help you both be happier together

Cat products that are handy and keep things fun

We all love our cat friends… here are some great items to make things easier AND MORE FUN for both of you!

Pretty cat faceAttentive cat

Favorite cat product that I feel make great item for you and gifts for others!
There are so many products that make life with our cats better. Isn’t it helpful to find the best ones for the price easily? I like to find these kinds of lists, so I came to where I work on these and make them available to people who need them too.

Handy Items for Emergencies

Lint rollers 5 count Best Seller

Double-sided tape to train cats to stay off of specific locations or as a scratch deterrent

Easy to apply, they tend not to like the feel of this tape
Sticky paws, SmartyKat

Spot Remover

This is the best seller, the brand Amazon recommends, and the brand I use.

Find those spots to remove easier

I have this UV flashlight and love it! Also I have a long bar UV light that is awkward to use. It has 51 LEDs and takes 3 AAA batteries and they are included.
4.6 out of 5 stars for over 1,200 reviews

This is a very popular one, even more popular than mine… It has 51 LEDs and takes 3 AA batteries that are not included.
4.6 out of 5 stars for over 3,200 reviews

Cat grass

Wheatgrass 3 pack, Wheatgrass 1.25 lbs

For those who need to put caps over the claws of your kitty…


(6 – 8 lbs)
Qty 20: Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, Illusion Purple (glittery)


Soft Claws(9 – 13lbs)
Qty 40: Red, Blue, Pink

Eyourlife (11 – 16.5 lbs)
Qty 20 Violet glitter


Soft Claws (14 lbs and up)
Qty 40 Clear

(8.8 – 13.2 lbs)
Qty: 100 – they come in 5 colors

For dealing with problems

Screen repair
For those little mishaps that your little furry bundle can wreak on your screens

Screen tape Best Seller (this tape is actual screen material that matches and a best seller)

Repair screen roll 48″ X 84″

Screen repair tool (the best sellers)

OK…little mishaps happen with the leather and leather-like furniture too

Leather repair

Vinyl and leather adhesive

Tool to track your pet, wallet, etc. (non-surgical)

The alert goes off if you are close range and it will show you on the map on your phone where your cat is at without setting off the sound. Sound and lights only goes off if in close range!
This one is highly rated with over 5000 reviews. It is the best seller.
This is the single, 4-pack, and 8 pack

It is very highly rated with over 900 reviews. This is a pack of 4 receivers. They have a range of 150 ft. The remote control locator uses beeps and LED flashes to communicate.

Quality Food

Since corn products are not good for our pet friends, none of these brands listed have corn ingredients. It is not the corn itself, but the storage of it that causes the problems. If it is not dried properly, or becomes damp, it can grow mold which spreads very easily and quickly. This mold can be toxic or cause allergies or food sensitivities. You can trust that they are all above average, healthy, quality food.

QUALITY CAT FOODS My page on this site

Toys for Kitty

SmartyKat 32013 Concealed Motion Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy
multiple sellers

Petstages 736 Cheese Chase Cat Play Toy Track with Ball

This was the very same mouse toy that our cats LOVE
It makes realistic squeak sounds when bumped. This will get their attention and keep them playing…and so simple. Our has been around for years and never stopped squeaking.

Catit toys
This is in the same vein as the ring track with the ball cat toy…only better. See it in action here…

Cat tree/playground

The is the best rated and most purchased one. There are others that are similar design, but they cost more and are not as highly rated. It has a coupon for 14% off and free shipping.
4.5 our of 5 stars for over 1,500 reviews

Cat theme products for you

Cat Stealing Coin Piggy Bank
Oranges crate, Strawberries crate

SoundBeast Cat Ear Headphones with Glowing Lights
Purple, Pink

Wireless Cat Ear Headphones (Color Changing)

Mystery 3-Modes Portable Silicone LED Night Lamp, USB Rechargeable Children Night Light with Warm White, Single Color and 7-Color Breathing Modes, Sensitive Tap Control for Baby Adults Bedroom (C)

Over the Door Cat Double Hook Hanger