Star Wars/Star Trek Gifts

This Star Wars BB8 can not only be controlled, but by a phone app

Remote controlled BB8

Sometimes you are looking for a gift that is a specialized category. When the person is a big fan of Star Wars or Star Trek, that may just fit the occasion. Maybe that fan is you! There are so many gift choices in this category! Some choices out there are not quality items…and some are out of orbit on price. There are great Lego kits in this category, many in fact, but how many people are going to buy a $5000 dollar Lego kit? Because they are both fun and practical, they are a good choice. I have also found some toys that so remarkably unique and fun that I think they are a huge win. There are videos of them in action here so that you can get that big WOW factor that I saw.

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The Electronic Chewbacca Mask made famous by that viral video

Open mouth slightly to get Chewbacca roar.

Other Electronic Star Wars Masks

Voice Changer Masks

Car chargers

They both sit in your cup holder and have 2 USB charging ports. The heads turn and they light up as they are running. Classic R2D2 and the death star…

Wall chargers

R2D2, Death Star

R2D2 USB Power Station

Shower curtains

Star Trek

Star Wars

Coffie mugs

Creative Star Trek mugs

This mug really has ears! It has 2 for the Spock face and a more open handle with that ear shape too…

Here’s a Borg cube mug…

Creative Star Wars mugs

BB8 mugs have a great design for a mug… The first one has the best detail.

Temperature change mugs

This mug shows the light sabers on the mug, heat changes the mug to show the light sabers lit up.

This mug has the Death Star and Alderaan…hot drinks make the laser from the Death Star hit Alderaan.

This one has Yoda and his famous motivational quote appears when there is a hot drink in the mug.

Temperature change mug that sends the Millennium Falcon to light speed…

When the mug gets hot, the Star Trek crew beams to the planet. This one is MY favorite and it sells out a lot.

This travel mug changes when a hot beverage is put in it… to reveal the secret of what is “The Trouble With Tribbles”.

This design of stein version with BB8’s head as the lid…

Waffle Makers

The level of detail in the finished waffle image is outstanding!

OK…here are GREAT toys!

R2D2 can be the Star Wars RC robot for you

We all love those little droids

I am focusing on lots of BB-8 toys because he has a very fun way of rolling around that is fantastic to watch and no other remote control Star Wars toy would move like that! Who wouldn’t enjoy these? They are all great choices…

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot

STAR WARS BB-8 APP CONTROLLED ROBOT YouTube video that showcases this app controlled droid


This is controlled by a phone app
Responds to 10 preset voice commands
Sound effects and messages from the droid come to your phone with the app
This is a best seller for Amazon

Star Wars Smart App Enabled R2-D2 Remote Control Robot RC

Good for 2 months and older…
This is controlled by a phone app
The price is not shown because there are a number of different sellers and prices here…

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot with Star Wars Force Band


SPHERO STAR WARS BB-8 WITH FORCE BAND YouTube video that showcases this remote control droid


This is controlled by a Blue Tooth remote control wrist band (Force band)
Responds to movements of your wrist…. and he makes cute droid sounds
It has an app that trains you to control your droid. There are basic beginner right up to Jedi Knight level
Force mode training give you a feel for using “the Force” to control the droid…BB-8 to master Jedi knight level skill
Combat training mode with light saber and blaster sounds
Force awareness mode where you get the digital holograms and collect them in your app
Robot control mode allows you to control other Sphero robot toys
App feature also allows controlling with a joystick
Records and plays holographic messages

These are for the serious Trekker…

Original Star Trek communicator

This one is truly functional and truly accurate! It is created from 3D scans from an actual prop. Model is paired with any Bluetooth compatible phone. It is quality construction with die-cast zinc, CNC machined aluminium, iridescent coated jewels
It has a lithium polymer built-in battery and contactless charging.

This communicator is true to the original Star Trek. When you flip it open, it makes that well known sound. The inner area rotates and buzzes for a few minutes while open. 2 buttons…push one and close to receive one of the prerecorded calls, the other plays lines from Captain Kirk.
This takes triple A batteries.
3.5 out of 5 star for over 230 reviews

Original Star Trek Phaser

It has authentic lights and sounds, multiple power settings, and removable type I phase section.
This takes Double A batteries.
4.2 out of 5 stars for 250 reviews

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