Foot care

Foot care makes feet feel good

It is worthwhile to invest in being kind to our feet

When we neglect our feet, we end up with dead skin buildup and when it gets bad enough… cracking skin. This starts because of loss in moisture in that skin. Being closed up in your shoes and socks slows this problem, but can contribute friction points that create calluses and even corns. The corns will tend to be on the top of the foot, while the calluses are at the bottom.

You should regularly put lotion on your feet, but avoid any conditions that keep your feet wet for long periods of time. This can leave them vulnerable to infection. The skin between your toes is the area most at risk for infection. So now… what are the things we can do to make our feet look and feel great?

Removal of dead skin

Foot soak

Tea tree oil foot soak – 16 oz
This is comprised of Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, MSM, Australian Tea Tree Oil and Six Additional Essential Oils including Eucalyptus and Camphor. Epsom salt is great for soothing skin. I am a huge fan of tea tree oil. It has great anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits. This tremendous combination of ingredients soothes and softens the skin of your feet.

Chemical peel method

This may sound a little intimidating, but Baby Foot Peel that is trending and so tremendously popular uses this method. This method causes the dead skin on the bottom of the feet to peel away, leaving baby soft skin when it is done. There is no need for pumice stones, scrubbing, or scraping of the skin.

The original Baby Foot Peel – 2 pack – lavender
17 natural ingredients and botanical extracts used in a 3 step process. Process: soak for 20 to 30 minutes, wear the foot mask for an hour, wash feet thoroughly. The peel process can take 2 weeks.

Foot Peel Mask – best seller
This is like the original, except more intense to remove cracked skin on heels and calluses.
2 pack     3 pack – lavender

This is what I use… 99.5% pure & 100 grams. Now this is a very strong powder that you can make a peel solution with. [I utilize chemical peels a lot and am a big fan of salicylic in particular. It is good at clearing and reducing pores, fighting acne, diminishing scars. Both salicylic acid and aspirin are made from willow bark]

My mixture included epsom salt and the oils that are covered below and are also great for moisturizing afterward… The basics of the Baby Foot peel are in my mix, except there is not as many types of chemical peel, softeners, and moisturizers present. This quantity of powder should last a very long time.

Superficial peels 10 to 19%
Medium peels 20 to 29%
Deep peels 30% and up

Foot file

These can seem like a harsh tool, but they are great for getting rid of dead skin efficiently. I got one of these when they first started advertising these and my husband made off with it. I had to get another. We both used them until they were worn out. They can be a great tool.

Microplane colossal foot file – best selling/highest rated

The electric version…
Electric callus remover – best selling/highest rated
Own Harmony CR900 model
Powerful enough for the job, but not made to press into skin, just spin against it for gentle removal of dead skin. 30 day money back guarantee. Only drawback seems to be that the batteries are built in, but it can be charged 1000 times with 45 mins of use per each charge (750 hours). Comes with 3 rollers: 2 regular, 1 extra-coarse.

Pumice stone

Lava pumice stone- best seller/high rating
Oval 3.9″ L X 2.8″ W X 1.6″ D

Moisturizing the skin

I REALLY prefer to use pure oils that have no other chemicals and preservatives for both my feet and my face and body as well. These also have special advantages to each one… I like to add my favorite lotion to them to keep them in place, help them to absorb. Then put on socks to contain this during the process.

I have a page devoted to this topic…
MOISTURIZER OILS My page on this site

Toenail care


I believe in the benefits of healthy, hair, skin, and nails supplements. My nails did grow faster and show improvement. I do not tend to have strong nails.


Just as with your fingernails, moisturize and push back those cuticles. I do not let my nails get long because I don’t like running the risk of hitting something with my toe and getting painful damage from a nail that extends past the toe. You may have stronger nails than mine and don’t have to worry about this…

Nail polish

If you like to polish your toenails… make sure to have a base coat underneath if you use a red color. The red polish can stain those nails and leave them looking yellow afterwards. No one wants that, because it can look like a fungal infection.

Toenail clipping

I was not shopping for a toenail trimmer like this, but when I came across it, I realized what a great design it was! My husband and I both love these. Ours does not have the slit in the sides, but it also does not have this neat gripper attached to the lever. This design helps to contain the nail trimmings. Such a simple improvement of design that makes a big difference.

This is a set that includes both the fingernail and the toenail trimmer in the same design and made of stainless steel.

This is a double sided nail file in 100 and 180 grit and a pack of 10 of them. It is a best seller that is highly rated. A pack is worth getting since these are good for both fingernails and toenails.

Toes curled down or too crowded

I have slightly curled down toes. The pedicure toe spreaders do improve this when I wear them periodically. Little did I know that there is now something next level. These do that job so much better, they are more comfortable and rugged too. They will straighten and spread out your toes.

This may not seem like a serious problem because it is what you are used to and when you are young, it doesn’t bother you. As you get older and put more mileage on your feet, you may change your mind. Invest in remedying this. Just spend time wearing them while you are at home watching TV. It is easy to fit into your life.

Massager to make your feet feel really great…

These are the best selling, highly rated Shiatsu foot massagers… Two different price ranges.

Arch pain

If you are dealing with arch pain in your foot, or maybe you just want to wear things that make your arch feel more comfortable. Here is an article that can definitely help you take care of this…
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