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Eye drops for Cataracts - other health items

Eye drops as well as other health items

What you will find here is information on health items that may be very beneficial to you. Health issues can be expensive in every way. Sometimes a little knowledge and the right information can help to improve things for our lives. There are people who are putting profit before lives, but there are also people who are fighting to help in these health issues.

Elimination of cataracts

Did you know that there are eye drops that dissolve cataracts without any need for surgery? That is simply wonderful! It is so incredibly great, but not easily available to humans in this country. They are a real salvation for third world countries too and becoming a treatment available to them!!!!

Everyone I know who has had this surgery say it is no problem

I have been involved with 2 friends when they got their cataract surgery. You have to be given medication that prevents your eyes from moving and they have to stay open. They both were thrilled with their results and were emphatic that it was an easy operation. I don’t know if I could do that surgery as well though.

Cataract surgery

The doctors book their day so that they are passing all the patients through efficiently and doing each surgery in about 10 minutes. That is a lot of profit and they are the hero who restore people’s eyesight. What occupation could be better than that?!? If you have to have the surgery, it is a wonderful solution. I have lost count of how many people I know that have had the surgery and said it was easy and are very happy with their results. If we can find a solution that does not involve surgery… why not try that first?!?

How the Cataract happens

The Cataract forms when the proteins in the eye lens begin to clump together. When they do this, a milky layer forms that becomes an obstacle to vision. The cloudy spot interferes with eyesight in the area of the Cataract. Most develop slowly. There are many types of Cataracts and the type plays a part in the effectiveness of eye drop solutions.

There are 2 types of eye drops now

When I started this article, I only knew of Lanosterol eye drops. As I did my research, I found NAC eye drops that are easier to come by for use by people here in the United States.

What Lanosterol is and how it works

Lanosterol is a naturally occurring steroid in the body. Scientists found an association between the lack of lanosterol production and the occurence of Cataracts. It’s presence is preventative. These drops have been very promising in testing and are currently used with success for dogs. These drops slowly reduce the protein clumping.

Lanosterol eye drops are only available for your pets in the U.S.

Lanosterol (tetracyclic triterpenoid) is a compound that leads to the production of a natural occurring steroids. Right now you can only buy this one for your pets. These drops work to eliminate Cataracts for dogs. This is what vets are currently using. Here is an article about it with before and after pictures:
Scientists are trying to cure the most common cause of blindness — with eye drops Business Insider article

You CAN get this type of eye drop for yourself

What NAC is and how it works

N-Acetylcarnosine (NAC) is a natural occurring compound related to the dipeptide carnosine. NAC is a variant of L-carnosine and acts as an antioxidant and works against glycation (bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid molecule). L-carnasine is a dipeptide molecule, made up of the amino acids beta-alanine and histidine. It slowly brings about reduction in the cataract tissues in the eye lens.

This is using a 1% concentration twice a day for 4 months. They work best for early stage, but they can eliminate even severe cataracts with repeated usage.


Affordable alternative to the Epipen

There are several generic choices in Epinephrine needed to stop anaphylaxis that can occur with a severe allergy reaction. They function by constricting the blood vessels to increase blood pressure, relaxing airway muscles, and improve breathing, also increasing heart rate to keep the heart beating. These are VITAL when needed and required immediately.

The generic forms of Epinephrine

Epipen – auto-injector with a cap and a safety release
Adrenaclick – auto-injector with 2 caps on opposite ends of the injector
Symjepi – manual injection
AUVI-Q® – available mail order & VERY IMPORTANTLY an option for children and babies

A better price for Epinephrine

This is a story that keeps changing. There are pharmacies that offer discounts (check CVS), there are manufacturers that offer coupons, and insurance plans that can help with this. There is a Youtube video with step by step instruction to make a DIY version of the Epipen called the “Epipencil”, that can be made for about $35.

Mending teeth

Straightening teeth

There are so many options for straightening teeth easily and cheaply now. We have 3D printing accessibility to thank for it too! Anyone with such a printer and the ability to make molds of teeth can plan out a gradual transition to a more perfect smile. These forms can be clear and fitted over the teeth so that they are not even easily detectable when worn! So much easier and affordable than the old metal band braces that I went through. As long as there is not a problem with the bite alignment, this is a wonderful option.

Silver Diamine Fluoride, Synthetic enamel paste, and cavity remedy research

Silver Diamine is an easy, non-intrusive way to handle early cavities for your kids. It will heal the tooth and just gets painted on in seconds. You can ask for this at your dentist right now.

There is a drawback to consider with Silver Diamide Fluoride (not important to baby teeth)

The drawback to Silver Diamine is that it leaves the cavity area dark brown, which is unappealing. If it is a baby tooth though, this will not really matter. It is also not covered by insurance, but only costs around $25. This is important too, when the cavity work is well over $100. Also keep in mind that the baby teeth are a temporary item and the real concern is infection and pain in this case.

Future solution

There are new treatments already on the horizon…hopefully coming soon. There is a drug called Tideglusib currently being worked on that is soaked in a sponge and inserted into the tooth cavity. It causes the tooth to heal the location without the need for a filling. This drug has been able to encourage the development of dental pulp and a small layer of dentine for the outside. This is the inner tooth material and the layer beneath the enamel. The location does not recover enamel.


The biodegradable sponge inserted into the cavity does mending and then just goes away during the process. It has proven very effective and successful in studies with mice. Another method on the horizon is stem cell fillings that cause the tooth to heal itself.

Repair of enamel

There are all kinds of products to improve tooth enamel on the horizon, but I don’t think we can get them yet. We have a natural mineralization process for our enamel. Our saliva has calcium, phosphate, and fluoride that works to strengthen enamel. Unfortunately this process also hardens plaque. There is a biomineralization process whereby cells called ameloblasts secrete proteins that eventually harden into an enamel coating. The crystalline structure of enamel is hard to form by artificial methods. Chinese researchers have a gel that seems promising and is currently being tested in mice with the hope of clinical trials in a few years.

Method to strengthen teeth

If you are interested in strengthening your teeth…there are current options. This is an article here that discusses them.
STRENGTHEN TEETH A page on my site

These are the things that I have learned to appreciate in the care of teeth…

You need to clean your teeth well and often. Your saliva strengthens your teeth, but can also do so for plaque on them.
Regular professional cleanings at the dentist are important
Flossing is very important to clean between teeth, but you might prefer using a fine tipped brush between the teeth more often
Be gentle on those gums… they wear pretty easily and don’t come back
Salt water rinse can prevent infection & fight what is possible from injury in the mouth or sore throat starting
If you are clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep… you may not realize. This causes a great deal of wear and can also cause pain.
Don’t brush your teeth too fast, you can easily slip and jam it somewhere causing an injury