Bowflex basic weight-lifting body weight gym

Bowflex adj bench Body Tower

Bowflex adjustable bench & Body Tower


This is the standard home gym set up for weight lifting and body weight exercises. With these you can have the simple home gym that holds up through wear and tear better than most fancy gym equipment, and do the natural body motions that cannot be beat for your workout. Bowflex has some great equipment for this too.

Adjustable weight sets

With this weight pair set, you can adjust each weight from 5 to 52.5 pounds. You can keep flowing through your workout… just set the dumbbells back in their stand dial the next weight you want and lift. No changing of plates is necessary with these…

This set goes from 10 through 90 pounds for each dumbbell in the set.

Bowflex Adjustable bench 5.1

This exercise bench is well made, nicely priced, and a very hard to find combination. Do all the bench type weight-lifting plus the ones that you want to do at an incline! Even use it to do inverted torso raises in the position with the seat back fully down and straight leg behind the leg posts. Those are awesome exercise!

Do sit ups with the leg post to hold your feet stable. The bench requires a little assembly with Allen key bolts in a few locations (feet, front center platform, and top of seat, base of seat). Also it is very solid and stable. The 3.1 and 5.1 models look most significant to me and are also the most popular. The 4.1 has one more seat back position than the 3.1 and an adjustable seat like the 5.1. Unless there is a more significant price difference, I don’t see much reason to bother with the 4.1 model.

This is the Bowflex model 5.1 model, and the one that I have pictured here…

Bowflex adjustable bench model 3.1

This one does not have changeable seat position. It has all the seat back positions pictured for 5.1, but not the in-between positions though. The price of this one is really great and highly rated.

Body Tower

I love power stations! You can do all sorts of body-weight exercises… like pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg lifts, hanging shrugs, etc. These are exercise that will build strength and muscle tone extremely well. This is the only design that I have seen where you can set the lower bar wherever you like. You can set it at a push up level you like or hanging shrug level as you like! The unique rear frame design gives the stability needed for such a versatile design.

This set has everything you want in a power station. It is very solid and stable. The stand can be adjusted to the positions that you need for your exercise. You can also do many variations that are more gymnastic in nature with the s

traps that come with this stand. For example, you engage more muscles to do push-ups in hanging straps than the standard way…

Another possibility for this equipment in your workout

You can set yourself up for a safe workout when you do not have someone to be your spotter. Set up your bench in the center of the Body Tower and set the lower bars to a level above you when you are on the bench. If you work to a point where you may drop the barbell, the tower bars can protect you from an accident. They are angled slightly so that you don’t have to worry about having a stop for the bar… the direction it would roll would be toward the back and the strongest support. This gives you safety from getting injured in such an event.