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Gift ideas for many unique interest

Do you have someone on your gift list who loves puttering in hobbies like cooking or baking in the kitchen, bonsai trees, dogs, cats, GoPro cameras, Star Wars, Star Trek, unique geeky items, stained glass lamps? Well I have a lot of great gift lists of ideas to help! Even if the person you are wanting to get a gift for doesn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen… most of us can use and appreciate kitchen items. There are handy tools, devices to get your meal together fast, or make fixing/serving food more fun.

Pet items

Pet friends are going to appreciate gifts for their pet, or are themed for the pet they love…

Dog Products

Product lists that have great choices for making traveling with your buddy easier, neater, and safer. There are also solutions for when your buddy decides to go traveling without you. You will find quality non-corn based dog food from reliable pet food suppliers, because there are few things as important to the dog owner than that.

Rhodesian Ridgeback on the beach

Rhodesian Ridgeback or Lion Hound

DOG PRODUCTS – takes you to an article on page here

Cat Products

Products lists that help with great solutions to the problems that go along with having cats. Find quality non-corn based cat food from many reliable brands. Great cat toys are always fun to find. We don’t forget you though, there are plenty of cat themed fun items for you too.

Cat products that can help you both be happier together

Cat products that are handy and keep things fun

CAT PRODUCTS – takes you to an article on page here

Star Wars gifts & Star Trek gifts

These are items that are a big range of items as well as a big range of price categories. They are a wonderful mix of fun and practical that make for a gift that is much more appreciated.

This Star Wars BB8 can not only be controlled, but by a phone app

Remote controlled BB8

STAR WARS & STAR TREK GIFTS – takes you to an article on page here

Unique Geeky items for that special person

These are all very unique, fun, and practical mix of gift ideas that any level fan would love. There is a wide range of costs for any level gift and Geeky fan. Isn’t there a little Geek in all of us? We are all fans of something… There are items for the both the person who loves tech and the one that does not feel that comfortable with it.

Gifts that are unique and special

Unique ideas for gifts

UNIQUE GIFTS FOR THAT SPECIAL PERSON – takes you to an article on page here

Handy kitchen gifts

Great kitchen gadgets that are innovative, practical, and fun in a wide range of price categories. These are always a good category for a house warming gift. Most people have a kitchen and a need for kitchen items…

Kitchen time

Kitchen time made more fun

HANDY KITCHEN ITEMS – takes you to an article on page here

Bonsai Artist Resources

Well-established, quality bonsai tree selection that will look great and be easier to maintain simply because they are well started and styled by a reputable, expert source. Great list of quality pots that are hardy and practical, and others that are attractive for a spectacular presentation. Great bonsai soil base for whatever type of bonsai plant you are working with. Appropriate fertilizer lists for bonsai plant particular needs. Great core, essential professional bonsai tools. This is great for both the experienced and beginner bonsai enthusiast…

Well done pine bonsai

Pine bonsai

BONSAI ARTIST RESOURCES – takes you to an article on page here

GoPro cameras

GoPro cameras have been around a while now and there are many models available now. There is a wide range of advantages and prices to these GoPro versions. Wouldn’t a camera that can travel with you easily and water submersible be a fantastic gift? There are 2 versions of the original Hero. There is also Hero2, Hero3, Hero4, and Hero5.

GoPro cameras are very mobile & go underwater

GoPro cameras were invented to be waterproof & capture the joy of water sports well.

GOPRO CAMERAS – takes you to an article on page here

Stained Glass Lamps

Stained glass lamps are a focal decorator piece that improves any room. They add warmth and beauty to any environment. They have a practical purpose, but also can be looked upon like a decoration.

Unique dragonfly & flower lamp

Dragonfly & flower lamp

STAINED GLASS LAMPS – takes you to an article on page here

Also there is a page about self-standing hammocks and hammock chairs, camping and inflatable chairs that are great for camping, outdoor concerts, etc.

There is a page on stringed instruments of many kinds which includes left-handed instruments (they can also be strung for left hand playing).

If you are interested in the type of plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies… there is a page about the many, many choices for this.

There are also many articles here about exercise equipment.