Hands can look younger

Hands can look younger

With time our hands show aging… usually the first place too

There are ways to help our hands look younger. We can can fight the processes that make them look old. Since this usually happens in our hands first, we have the opportunity to try treatments out there and see what we like. The appearance of aging skin will creep in elsewhere too and this experience and knowledge can prove useful.

Age spots (Liver spots)

Age spots are the same thing as liver spots. Liver spot is a deceiving name, they have nothing to do with the liver. These are dark spots that are a lot like freckles, only they can be much larger. Sometimes they are on a raised platform of skin. These spots are typically uniform color throughout and do not change in shape. The edges of them are defined and they do not fade the way freckles do.


Melanoma spots are similar to age spots. It is important to know the difference. These are asymmetric (both sides are not mirror images of each other). The borders are not defined. They will have variance in the color through them. They can be itchy, sensitive, or bleed easily. Melanoma is really dangerous. If you are in any way unsure whether or not you have these…go to your doctor and have them checked. This is an easy thing to do.

I got them very young

When I was around 20 years old, I starting noticing that my hands were covered in age spots. I had the kind that look like colored scales. They were raised with the dark freckle on top. There was no mistaking that they were more than freckles. The dermatologist said that they were liver spots. He said that it didn’t mean that there was anything wrong. Some people just get them sooner than others.

Why the hands

The hands usually are the first place that show our age. This is because of sun exposure. We all underestimate the cost of sun damage until we see the results. The reason we see it in our hands first is because whether or not you take the time to use sun block…whether or not you are a sun worshiper or not…they are always out there in those rays.

While you are doing activities outside, your hands are more often the horizontal surface for the sun to hit well. The areas of the body that are prime for sun exposure are… the top of your head, your nose, shoulders, feet, and hands. The coverage of all these others areas varies, but your hands are always out there.

It doesn’t stop here

Well, the damage that ages our hands does not stop there. As we age, the fat begins to disappear below the skin. Think about the elderly hands you have seen…the veins and muscle below show through. This is because the fat layer goes away, and the skin becomes more thin and loose. At that stage, these are the more noticeable characteristics, not age spots. We can fight this appearance as well.

We can fight these aging effects!

There are 2 treatments that we can use to fight these aging processes. These are skin care tools that are very inexpensive…no creams or pills. They are long term improvements, not temporary. In fact these tools will make your favorite skin products work even better.

I use these solutions

I removed those ages spots on my hands and they h

ave not come back. In fact, I sometimes wish I had known about this and done it sooner… Every now and then I do collagen induction therapy on them before I go to bed. The veins do show, but I think that is the case for most of us who do weight-lifting regularly. Other than that, my old hands do not look old.

We can eliminate age spots on our hands.

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The other treatment is to preserve the health of the skin on our hands. We can restore collagen (and in turn elastin) that makes your skin look young and healthy. This treatment also thickens the skin.