Dog Products

Have dog products to keep things happy & fun

Dog products to keep you and your dog buddy happy

We all love our dog best friends… here are some great items to make things easier AND MORE FUN for both of you!

Favorite dog product that I feel make great gifts!
Whether you need great quality dog food and treats, folding metal travel crates, or tools to fasten your best friend safely for a trip with you in the car, and more…you will find great choices here!

Dog tag with your pet’s information engraved on it

Providence Engraving Aluminum Pet ID Tags for Cat and Dog

This will track your pet, wallet, etc.

The alert goes off if you are close range and it will show you on the map on your phone where your dog is at without setting off the sound. Sound and lights only goes off if in close range!
This is highly rated with over 5000 reviews. It is the best seller.
This is the single, 4-pack, and 8 pack

It is very highly rated with over 900 reviews. This is a pack of 4 receivers. They have a range of 150 ft. The remote control locator uses beeps and LED flashes to communicate.

This one tracks a whole lot more. With over 200 reviews, this one is very highly rated. It monitors the everyday activities of your furry friend. Allow you to see changes in their behavior that could signal a health concern that will help at the vet visit for problems. Works with free apps to compare the information with standards for the type of dog you have. It is rugged and waterproof.

Chemical-free flea removal

This is a battery powered comb. It zaps the fleas and kills them as it combs your pet’s fur. It makes a mild beeping noise as you use it that beeps differently when zapping a flea to let you know what it is doing. You cannot use it on your pet when they are wet and you have to avoid combing over wrinkled skin that can cause a shock to your pet. Hold those areas of skin smooth to avoid combing over wrinkles.

Claw trimming

This is the most beautifully covered information for dog claw trimming I have ever seen.
The proper tool for this task is important. The old design actually crushed the end of the claw and made painful fractures into the claw. The new designs cut without crushing and guards against accidents.

Claw/nail trimmers

I think that this is a very nice nail trimmer for dogs. It has a light and a magnifier to help see the quick of the nail and the trim better. This can make it very easy to safely trim the nail.

Rotary Tool – 2 speeds & cordless

I love this tool for pet nail maintenance. This can improve the condition from trimming. Sanding down the nail could be the sold method of care as well. This tool is much kinder to the nail than a trimmer that can possibly be a pinching force during the trimming process.
6 accessories & 8 accessories sets

This little item will help you take great selfies with your dog!

Poochie Selfie Stick
This smartphone accessory attaches to your phone so that you can keep your dog’s attention and gaze in the proper place for a great picture. It attaches to all phones and tablets, on both front and rear facing cameras. Easy to setup and remove.
4.3 out of 5 stars for over 50 reviews

Hands free pop up lid kitchen garbage can

I had a 110 lb dog, who was the reason we got one of these. He was so considerate and well behaved. I was always amazed at how he didn’t grab our food when everything is right under his nose and easy to reach. When he was left home with a kitchen garbage can, the story was different. But why leave this situation for any pet? It doesn’t make any sense for either of you.

Once I had one of these, I came to love it so much! When I am working with messy items, I can just pop over and throw something away and they are closed up and safely contained. I don’t have to wash my hands a bunch more times in the middle of cooking. Just push that lever with my foot and drop something in. This is one of the most popular and extremely high rated.

Dog toys

There are many aspects to toys that appeal to dogs. What clicks with your dog depends on a lot of things… personality, energy-level… maybe even the breed of dog. Some like textures and chewing. Others like toys that make sounds. Some want to run and chase in a game with their toy. There are dogs that like to cuddle with a plush toy that they can also play with. Then there are combinations…I had one that loved toys that had interesting texture and made noises when she chewed on them. The other wanted to play running games with balls. [Please get a feel for the dimensions of any ball, so you can know if the ball is a choke hazard for the dog that you have.]

This is my personal favorite dog toy

This type of dog toy enthralled both of my very different dogs. I don’t know if anyone remembers the Jibba Jabber toy…it had this noise maker in its head. When you rocked this rubber doll, the head made a squaky, giggly sound that just brought a feeling of happiness and fun. When it changes position, a weight or something moves and makes the noise maker work. This same thing is inside these balls. Dogs just love this squaky, giggly sound happening when they move the ball.

Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball and Large Wiggly Giggly Ball
This is the best seller with over 27,000 reviews!

Textured ball

Ethical Pets Dura Brite Treat Ball Dog Toy
This is a textured ball with a maze inside for treats to further entertain the dog if desired. They come in 3 bright colors.
Dimensions: 5.8″ x 3″ x 4″
3.9 out of 5 stars with over 160 reviews

Kong Squeezz Ball Assorted Colors Large 2 pack
This textured ball has a squeaker to make noise buried within. There is a choice of 4 colors: ruby, sapphire, emerald and amethyst.
Dimensions: 3″ x 1″ x 2″ inches”
4.1 out of 5 stars for over 50 reviews

Plush toys

This consists of a plush tree stump with holes that hold 3 plush scented squirrels. Each squirrel has a squeaker inside. The dog has fun finding the squirrels inside and then playing with the squeaker toy squirrels. This is highly rated and extremely popular…and just so cute!
4.4 out of 5 stars for over 9,000 reviews

This toy is plush with One grunter, two squeakers and crinkly Mylar. A type of toy that gives exciting textures and sounds for your dog. This is the large chicken, but there are 3 other characters and they all come in large and small size. There is an elephant, pig with wings, and leggy looking rooster.

Rope toys

This is a large set of 11 rope toys for those dogs that are high energy and love to chew. This allows unique interaction and play with the dog too. They can be thrown and grabbed and have tug/pull play in a special way different from other dog toys. There is the bonus of helping a non-profit dog rescue.

Spot Remover

This is the best seller, the brand Amazon recommends, and the brand I use.

Dog treats…these are high-rated, best-sellers for a reason…

Greenies are a wonderful combination of enjoyable thing for them to chew on with the bonus that is helps to clean their teeth at the same time.
GREENIES Pill Pocket Soft Dog Treats, GREENIES Dental Dog Treats, Regular, Original Flavor, 36 Treats, 36 oz., PEDIGREE Dentastix Large Dog Treats

How about an even more special treat?!?

Puppy Cake Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake Mix and Frosting for Dogs.
I love making cakes for my family and wouldn’t it be great to make one for your best friend? It is a very highly rated and a best-selling item.

The dog food you feed them is SOOOO important!

Find quality dog food from reliable sources… our loyal, loving companion is absolutely worth it. Quality dog food does not have to cost a whole lot of money. Find the one that works best for you both.
QUALITY DOG FOOD My page on this site

Is your dog eating that dog food too fast?

Here is a great way to slow them down. This is small, but there are other sizes and colors of bowls here…
4.6 out of 5 stars for over 6,400 reviews

PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Meal Dispensing Dog Toy
This is large, but there are other sizes here as well. The plus is they entertain your dog, the minus is that they travel and so can the eating mess.
All of these type of dispensers are rated 3 to 3.5
3.5 out of 5 stars for over 1,100 reviews

Kong Classic Dog Toy
This is the best known puzzle feed toy for dogs.
4.4 out of 5 stars for over 4,600 reviews

GrayCell Dog Treat Snack Food Ball Interactive Dog IQ Play Treat Dispenser Toy for Medium Large Dogs
This one works much like the Kong toy but is more textured. Sometimes dogs like textured balls better, and often they can help keep the teeth cleaner. It is also in orange.
4.3 out of 5 stars for 13 reviews

Dog fountain

This is an extremely popular fountain that holds 100 oz. It has a changeable filter, BPA free material that can go in the top shelf of the dishwasher. The pump is low-voltage and very quiet.
4 out 5 stars for over 880 reviews

This is a great emergency treatment solution

Grannick’s Bitter Apple spray
This is useful for eliminating hot spots and wounds. It stops them from messing with an injury or hot spot. Using very simple and natural ingredients, it is a very highly rated and a best-selling item. The 8 oz is an add-on for a order, and 16 oz size. If you get the 8 oz not as an add-on, it is in the same price range as the 16 oz.
8 oz 16 oz

How about taking your best friend with you even better & safer?

I really love this item! It has the dog hair and dirt containment we have seen before plus the addition of a design that will protect our best friend better too! With material that provides traction, they won’t be falling down into the foot area below. It can be in the back seat or the hatchback area of the car. Also it is adaptable for a passenger to sit beside the dog in the back as well.

Cover/pad for seat

A2S Luxury Hammock Pet Seat Cover & Cargo Cover 3 Layers Waterproof – Extra Dog Seat Belt & Convenient Zipper – Non-Slip for Cars, SUVs & Trucks with Double Flaps & Absolutely Comfortable

Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier
This is an inexpensive solution to pets that insist on climbing up front in the car to be with you. This can be dangerous and distracting for the driver. It is less safe for the pet in the front seat too.
3.4 out of 5 stars for over 500 reviews

Seat belt leash fastener for your dog to stay safely in the back seat

These are great for allowing your dog to enjoy being at the window, but prevents them from jumping out in a moment of spontaneous excitement. This needs to be attached to a torso harness to be safe. If attached to a collar, there is the risk of choking. There is also a full assembly harness that snaps into the lock following this one…

The first one is the best seller and both are highly rated

Maybe you prefer to get a full seat belt attachable harness for them…
11 – 33 lbs, 25 – 50 lbs, large dogs up to 75 lbs

These have a lifetime warranty
Small 10 – 25 lbs, medium to 50 lbs, large to 80 lbs


These are so wonderful to have and easy to fold and store!

I highly recommend getting one that is bigger than your dog. If they have to stay in there for transport or temporary containment, whatever, it is so much kinder for them to have room to move around. These are all very nice and very affordable crates. I got the 42 inch for my large dog that I outlived… When we made a very big move across the country… It was set it up in the back of the moving truck behind our stuff next to the door. We put 2 cats in there with their food, and cat litter and a night light. That is the best we could have moved them.
MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate
30 inch size

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate
36 inch size

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate
This is the one that I have! 42 inch size

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate
X-Large – 48 inch


This is a best seller for a good reason… it has one side with stainless steel tips for removing loose hair and detangling, while the other has close set nylon bristles for removing loose hair and promoting shiny, healthy, clean fur.