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Dermabrasion, Chemical peels, and Collagen induction therapy are all treatments that speed up new skin growth and stimulate the production of collagen. They all can reduce wrinkles and surface scars, smooth the skin, and lead to youthful, healthier skin. These are all valuable improvements that can be done at home inexpensively too! Dermabrasion and chemical peels can be handy for removing the top layer of dead skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are great at smoothing out the surface of the skin as well as the skin tone. Strong peels are great for removing age spots (liver spots), precancerous spots, and scars.

Salicylic chemical peels are the best and most affordable way to reduce pore size! The other is expensive laser treatments. Chemical peels can clear out the sebum in the pores, remove the top layer of the skin as well as inside the pore, and cause the lining to grow new tissue faster and reduce in size. This pore reduction comes about from both the unclogging of the pore and the freeing of the new growth of the pore lining. Any other treatment only provides temporary changes.

Salicylic chemical peels also can help fight acne. It helps by unclogging the pores of sebum and dead skin. This does not fight bacteria that cause acne, however, the unclogged pore will be far less likely to have any problems from any remaining. The bacteria require something like anti-bacterial cleanser or benzoyl peroxide products. The bonus skin improvement is that chemical peels reduce acne scars on the skin surface. This can be a good tool to healthier skin without breakouts.


Dermabrasion is any treatment that mechanically removes the top layers of dead skin. The tools that qualify as dermabrasion treatment can be washing strongly with a wash cloth, a cleansing brush, to using a rotary brush or buffer tool, to a professional machine that removes surface skin layers.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy is a treatment that can stimulate improvements to the deeper layers of skin. This is the best method for firming the skin. It can also make healthier skin through allowing your favorite skin products to reach much deeper.

It is an extremely effective tool against cellulite when used together with exercise and massage. This treatment can smooth the skin surface, while exercise and massage help to reduce the fat nodules that cause the cellulite. Collagen induction therapy helps to fight saggy skin on arms and chin/neck area. These are areas that exercise goes hand in hand very well with the treatment.

This is also a great tool for thickening skin that becomes more thin with age, like the back of the hands and the lips. Most skin becomes more thin with aging, but those are two areas that do it faster. Any area of skin where the layer of fat between the skin and the muscle/bone is lost becomes vulnerable to thinning.


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