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We all love our pets. Most of us are concerned about giving them quality food that comes from safe and reliable sources. They are like family to us…only better because they are great at unconditional love.

Corn in dog and cat foods

Too many pet foods are corn based. Cheap pet food also can easily have poor quality ingredients. Corn is a source of many problems that can be bad for cats and dogs. When not handled properly, corn can be contaminated with mold and grain mites when it is wet and poorly stored.

Mold in corn

Insects and mites are probably not a problem…more protein right? But the issue with them is that these bugs help to spread the spores that cause the mold problem. The mold is the real danger. The mold that develops in grain can be very toxic. Just a small presence can cause digestion problems and trigger allergies for dogs and cats. The presence of mold can be toxic as well. Even if there is just a small mold problem in the stored grain, bugs can spread these minute mold spores and contaminate all the corn completely. This contamination happens fast.

Since there is not a good way to know the quality and handling of the corn for the pet food, I think it is best to avoid the issue. It is easy to get quality cat and dog food that does not have corn. These will also have better ingredients to go with it. Additionally, quality pet food suppliers can be trusted. There has been a tragic history for cheap pet food suppliers from other countries that do not have the same regulation and standards enforced. There have even been cases where reputable brands here used foreign suppliers to cut their costs with bad results.

Good choices

It is very worthwhile to get better pet food from reputable suppliers. If you do the research and shop around, this does not have to be a ridiculous cost either. I found a brand that was the right balance of quality ingredients and cost. There are many choices for quality pet food for the blog locations listed below. There are also many other useful pet products as well. You can also find special discounts…

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