Your hands will show aging first…

First the issues…

Your hands are where the signs of aging show up first. They are out there exposed to the sun much more easily than the rest of the body for most of us… Don’t let it bother you! This is an opportunity! You can try out the treatments to improve this skin first. Find out what you like and what works for you before you want to use them elsewhere.

You may notice lots of freckles that weren’t present previously, maybe even liver spots. Liver spots don’t usually show up until after the age of 50… but I got them when I was 20… The dermatologist told me that it was nothing to worry about and nothing was wrong. He said that some people just get them earlier than others. I come from Norwegian origins in my family that make me very fair. We tend to get sun damage more easily. I had a brief period where I went against my wise mother’s advice and tried some sun bathing as a teen. I wanted to be tan like my friends. Fortunately, I did not pursue it more than a small amount for 2 summers… I was not patient, nor seeing results… LOL.

Now… solutions!

There are a few processes going on to make our hands look old. We are slowly losing that fat tissues below the skin, the skin is thinning, and the skin surface is showing signs of aging. Only 2 of these 3 can be improved. There are lots of inexpensive DIY tools to do this at home. They can work to improve different issues elsewhere later. Why not try them out?!?

Age spot VS melanoma

Age spots are freckle-like spots that are often slightly raised. Melanoma is a dangerous skin condition that can spread quickly. Knowing the difference between age spots and melanoma is extremely important. Melanoma spots are asymmetric, have badly defined borders, and have variance of color through them. These locations can be itchy, sensitive, or bleed easily. See your doctor if you are at all unsure about whether you have age spots or melanoma.

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Age spots (liver spots, solar lentigines)

Age spots show up in the areas that get the most sun exposure. They vary a lot in size and are dark areas of pigment similar to freckles. These are very common after 50, but they can happen at any age. They are due to sun damage and therefore can increase in number with time. Sun block can help postpone them. I got them on the back of my hands at the age of 20. The dermatologist I visited told me that they sometimes happen earlier and it does not mean there is anything wrong. Liver spot is just a name. They are in no way connected with liver function.

Is it an age spot or melanoma? Find out!

Melanoma is dangerous and can spread quickly. It is extremely important to be able to tell the difference between age spots and melanoma. Melanoma spots are asymmetric, have badly defined borders, and have many shades of color through them. They can be itchy, sensitive, or bleed easily. If you are at all uncertain whether you have age spots or melanoma, or you have a spot that seems unusual to you, definitely see a doctor. This is important to know for reasons of your health and safety.

Don’t like age spots? Get rid of them!

Age spots are harmless and can be lightened or removed. They can make you look old, and if you do not like them, you can do something about them. I did treatment on the backs of my hands and they are now gone and have never come back. In addition, I followed this up with regular collagen induction therapy treatments to keep that skin from becoming thin. The back of the hand has thin skin and will become more so as we get older. The hands and the neck are two neglected areas for our skin that can really show the effects of aging. Make sure to moisturize both of them well. Collagen induction therapy can make the skin younger looking and healthier. Additionally, it can return firmness as well.

Protect your skin from sun exposure

Just the fact that you are seeing the skin aging in your hands…says that you are getting sun exposure there repeatedly. If you are not using sun block consistently, you should. There are moisturizers that are SPF that can be used under your makeup. Lip sticks and lip balms also come with SPF as well. Many great choices in sun blocks are available that can be used on the rest of your body too.

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