Automated email

Automated email system has many benefits for you

Automated email system

Why automated email tools are valuable to you
In email marketing, automated email has the purpose of building trustworthy delivery of email to make sure your messages go to your reader’s inbox. Reliable delivery of automated email gains the trust of your readers and it also works towards being seen as an authority in your subject matter.

The ConvertKit tools are designed for you by creative people who do this work with great success and experience, and know how to help you do it better and easier. Plain text emails are used because not only do they give a personal feel to your message, they also help you avoid spam filters. This means that you will begin seeing higher open rates that result in more conversions.

Here is where you start…

Get your email list

Create forms and customize-able graph of tracking data

Get customized opt-in forms that can turn casual visitors into repeatedly returning ones. These are easy to embed in your site. You can track your growth by simply a quick look at your homepage dashboard which displays subscriber data and opt-in conversions.

Easy to configure your form and proper content and add to website

Set your “call to action” (message for immediate action from reader).
Add content.
Embed in your website with Javascript, HTML, or WordPress plugin.

Configure follow-up sequence

Connect your form to the follow up sequence from a list of options
You can keep a list of email projects that you can switch between and edit in the same window
Conditional content email design allows you to include or exclude elements based on tags for that recipient. It is also easy to include or exclude recipients based on tags
The link trigger can add a tag or start a sequence with a quick select

Email the proper people in your list

To broadcast the emails just set the include or exclude for those from your email list that fit the message according to your customization.
Segments allow you to organize your recipients in the ways that you need.
Here are tools available to you…
Many ECommerce platforms
Lead generation services
Membership sites

Organize your subscribers by their important factors for more tailored content for them

Track the sequence that your user takes and understand their interests

The sequence of actions that your subscriber takes tell you what they want and allows you to meet those requirements in the process.

Create automated funnels

The funnel is the path that you lead your subscriber through to reach your goals for them.

Conversions – content and customize scheduled mailing

Use ConvertKit to make the most of your mailing list once you have acquired subscribers.


Get the job done well while using a process that keeps things simple. Set up your system so that when you acquire a new subscriber, they will get the appropriate messages for them at the proper time. This process will guide them to be the involved customer or student that you envision.

You can create automated funnels, customize their path through the process based on their actions, send the right content to the right people appropriately timed.


Set up the rules you need for your process, organize your audience appropriately based on their actions in the process, and have a clear set-up to know what the next thing to do for your subscribers will be for each group.

Here is your help…

Support to help

Customer Success Team

The Customer Success Team will answer your q

uestions and they also host live training, weekly workshops, and open office hours.

Concierge migration

Concierge Migration service is available to any account bringing 5,000 or more subscribers. This means they will move them into ConvertKit for you.

Slack community support

This is a real-time team messaging app where you can find collaboration, instant feedback, and opportunities to build relationships with others who use the same software and tools.