Exercise equipment I regret and what would be better

Lateral exerciser/Slide board

Lateral exerciser/Slide board – Skater side to side slide exercise equipment

This is the exercise equipment that I regret getting. Sharing of this information could prove helpful if you have been curious about these products. I explain this equipment so that you can make better decisions about these home gym items for yourself.

The equipment that I cover here:

1)Ab Roller
2)Lateral exerciser/Slide board – Side to side skate simulator slide mat set [If you have one, I have the maintenance silicone spray and replacement booties for you]

Ab roller/wheel

Ab roller/wheel exercise equipment

1) Ab Roller

I got one of the Ab Rollers and it was one that I saw on TV no less. You are supposed to roll it away from you in a kneeling position. The design was such that a built-in rewind spring aids in the return trip. This device is made to be like a wheel with a handle bar through the center. That simpler design is also an option for this equipment. You roll out and then back. This motion takes you through a range of positions and forces your core muscles to work to support you during the process.

The reasons that I dislike this equipment and quit on it

First and foremost, the big issue for me is that it is very hard on the knees. I tried carpeted floor, mats, towels, and pillows to cushion the situation. However, nothing made this motion a pleasant exercise for me. This very same exercise can be done on my Total Gym comfortably for my knees and is fun to do too. Perhaps a heavy foam platform would have been the better solution for me.

Knowing more can help you decide for yourself

I found that the current ab rollers are all very highly rated. Also, they have a simpler design than the one that I got. They do not have the spring to assist. If you are aware of the issues with the ab roller, you will be able to better decide if you can use this equipment comfortably. This may help in your decisions. Additionally, an even bigger reason I don’t see this as a good choice is that it is a very limiting exercise device. You can get Ab Coasters or Glide discs with so many possible uses and other exercise possibilities instead.

2) Lateral exerciser/Slide board – Side to side skate simulator slide mat set

I absolutely love this exercise equipment! Actually, it is great fun to use! Both great leg exercise and cardio come from these workouts. I got mine in the early days when they first showed up. They are more expensive and a far better design now.

The problems

The booties made for sliding on the mat got worn out pretty quickly. Replacements were not available then. I called the company to see if I could get some from them with no luck. They came to understand this problem later. Experimenting with various types of socks did not give good performance. I was not willing to buy a whole new Slide board to get the booties.

Static and upkeep

The other thing that drove me nuts, was the buildup of static electricity and all the pet hair and things from the floor that would jump onto the mat and refuse to clean off well. A white mat shows all of that. That debris can also mess up the nice smooth, slick surface as you use it. This design can also lead you to hitting a stop in your motion. It is better exercise to do the work to stop yourself instead.

My recommendations

I have been looking at these Slide boards and even though they are highly rated, I just cannot see paying so much money for this kind of inexpensive exercise equipment. You can get high quality roller blades, roller skates, or decent home gym equipment for that price.

Here are the product you may be looking for if you have one

If you have invested in one of these, you can get silicone spray to keep the slide board surface slick and smooth. It is easy to get the replacement booties now too.

Replacement Booties

Obsidian slide board booties compatible all slide boards – shoe covers that stretch to the needed size

Hockeytrain Lycra slide booties (One size fits most)

Pro Guard replacement booties for slide boards (One size fits most)

Silicone spray

Permatex silicone spray lubricant 10.25 oz

Dupont Teflon Silicone Lubricant 14 oz