Improving the lips

Special concerns

The lips have very specialized tissue. The tissue there is very absorbing. They can become more easily dehydrated as we age and are more vulnerable to sun damage and cancer risk than other tissue. They are also more sensitive to allergic reaction.

Lip care

We should take good care of the skin of our lips and moisturize them consistently. Lip exfoliation is fine as long as salicylic acid is not used. This can penetrate too deep and cause damage.


With aging, I have noticed a loss of color to the outer edge of my lips. Surprisingly, exfoliating them has restored the pigment for me. It also lessens the wrinkling that develops with time, making them more smooth. I think it can also stimulate growth of lip tissue that can be beneficial.

This is an area that should not be exfoliated too often to prevent thinning of that skin. Some people do collagen induction therapy for lips to help thicken, smooth, and improve their condition. I have begun doing it and feel it is beneficial to me.

There are special scrubs to exfoliate the lips. You can find recipes for sugar scrubs to use for this task. I use a soft bristle tooth brush. I just do my exfoliation and lip balm before I go to bed.

Other skin improvements


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